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  1. ok, No problem with 2006 regarding the topic, only with 2007.0 then I thought it should be ok with 2007.1 but still not.


    Usually, on previous Mandriva version.. 2005 and 2006, when opening the folder with jpg files on it using konqueror, and selecting thumbnail option on viewing the files, it will preview those image but now, in 2007.0-1 on my desktop, its sort of not capable of doing it. Anyone there have encountered this kind of problem.?.. I already installed any related jpg libraries but still no avail...


    The other thing. gwenview or kuickshow are not able to open this kind of file, I have to install other image viewer available on Mandy repos as alternative... well, gimp is able to open it, but gwenview/kuickshow should be able to... any ideas?




  2. hi IAN,


    May you please check your new installed kernel if by default, it supports the smbfs filesystem.


    On the precompiled Kernel of Mandriva 2007, on my box, it seems that smbfs is not supported...


    #cat /proc/filesystems
    nodev   sysfs
    nodev   rootfs
    nodev   bdev
    nodev   proc
    nodev   debugfs
    nodev   sockfs
    nodev   pipefs
    nodev   futexfs
    nodev   tmpfs
    nodev   inotifyfs
    nodev   eventpollfs
    nodev   devpts
    nodev   ramfs
    nodev   hugetlbfs
    nodev   mqueue
    nodev   usbfs
    nodev   binfmt_misc
    nodev   autofs
    nodev   cifs

    I cant mount windows shared drive using -t smbfs option...



  3. you may try the option below inside your shared folder defined at smb.conf

    comment = shared
    path = /home/shared
    read only = no
    valid users = user1 user2 +parents
    inherit permissions = Yes


    -valid users are user1 user2 and all member of group parents

    -inherit permision, if you chmod 770 the /home/shared folder

    all files on it and the said folder will have a 770 permission, which allow user and group to have a rw permission.

  4. you mean your friend change from dialup to broadbnd with the same ISP? or to another one? is the problem occur when sending email?


    make sure to change the smtp server to the smtp of your broadband provider, that if they allow their clients to use their smtp service for them to send email.

  5. i`m interested to make a server but i do not realy know what i suppose to do. all i know is playing games and download music and video.what is the 1 step for someone who doesn`t know anything about server.

    hmmn.. maybe you should start building a game server :D

  6. check what services are active in your system when your dekstop loads... then disable thus you dont need to.


    open a konsole then as root:


    chkconfig --list | grep 5:on


    or just go directly to this to disable thus not necessarily have to run




    if you dont use nfs, then you can disable the ff:





    if you dont need an mta - (mail transfer agent), then disable



    if you dont serve as a samba server then disable



    if you dont use snmp, then disable



    you can also disable lisa - or click the info button on the drakxservices gui to know that particular service

  7. in your /etc/auto.samba you define

    windows -fstype=smbfs ://


    by that, you should have to access that defined folder first for it to be mounted on your system, since by default, there is no any mounted remote folders yet by automounter/autofs unless a file on that folder has been accessed.


    So what? I should have seen the 'windows' foder inside 'mp3', right? Checked in nautilus too, nothing there...


    no, you'll not be able to see it unless you specify that particular folder


    ls /mnt/mp3/windows


    If no avail, try to check your logs, might be a problem behind..


    and also, have'nt really tried to mount an XP share that does not have a password lately... so dunno if that one also might cause a problem on mounting.

  8. actually, mounting via fstab is one option... the problem with that, if the shared folder is not available, and you tried to access it, say you put a shortcut of it on your desktop, there's a tendency that it causes the system to hang. because its been considered as static mount point, and then only root can re-mount it when unmounted.


    while using autofs, it'll be mounted dynamically, only when a user tries to open it... and after the specified duration, when no one accessing the mount point, then it will auto unmount.


    and mounting via fstab is common, see, just by searching, you found one... at least now, there's another option to mount...

  9. its been asked here many times, if you search here, there wll be lots of results.. but hey, where here to answer questions :D


    ok, here's how Im mounting it on my box, using autofs, it uses automount, so regular users can mount thus M$ shared.


    here's how I did it:


    since you're using fedora...check if autofs has been already installed: as root:


    rpm -qa | grep autofs


    if installed then skip the next code, if not then install it


    #installing autofs via yum
    yum install autofs


    after it has been installed, run it as a service


    chkconfig autofs on


    then edit /etc/auto.master and comment all inside it then append on it the ff: below..


    /mnt/samba /etc/auto.samba -t=10


    -t=10 refers to 10 seconds duration time that autofs will auto unmount mounted share


    then create the directory /mnt/samba defined on the entries of /etc/auto.master file

    mkdir /mnt/samba


    now create the /etc/auto.samba file and enter the ff: below

    windows -fstype=smbfs,username=user,password=microshaft ://


    windows - name of the folder where the shared_folder of will be mounted when someone access it.

  - ip of windows with shared_folder


    username and password - the username/password in your windows box that has access on that shared_folder


    after all of the above, start autofs


    /etc/init.d/autofs start


    and everytime there's a changes on /etc/auto.master and /etc/auto.samba, issue command


    /etc/init.d/autofs reload


    now to check if it works


    ls /mnt/samba/windows/


    if it will lists the files inside that folder, then sucessfull, if not, then check log files.

    note: makesure smbclient been installed already...

    note: /mnt/samba/windows folder is autocreated if successful, you dont need to create it manually.


    if all works fine, try also to browse on it using konqueror treating as ordinary folder. Or put a shortcut of it in your desktop


    :D have fun!

  10. right click on your desktop, then click create new - link to application - you will have 3 option, eneral - permission - application, on the application - command, enter avggui

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