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  1. Hi,


    Can anyone suggest a good setup of server + database clustering. The involve are HTTP and PostgreSql. Im planning to setup an active passive environment, though Google would display lots of results on the topic, but maybe some one here has a good advice on which solution to go.


    here's the scenario:


    2 centos server running httpd and postrgresql

    database and apps content is mounted via iscsi at storage MSA2312i.


    not a best practice though since apps like httpd runs along with postgres, but its already there and currently not yet separated.


    Really appreciate if someone can point me to a good solution or advice.





  2. hi all,


    has anyone ever tried, or successfully implemented an ftp server using any of the ff: (proftpd, pure-ftpd, vsftpd) to authenticate to AD 2003?

    Actually, on the these same box, I have dovecot installed and is now authenticating to AD 03 via pam module, the problem is with FTP service.. any idea?



  3. there are lots of free proxy or ip cloaking site out there that anyone can use to be allowed to access what they want to access, so blocking a specific IP source thou possible but still be able to bypass. On my experience, its better to setup a proxy server with squidguard, its another story though but just my suggestion. It can be administered via webmin, so you dont need to cli. try to google squid + squidguard + webmin. Then you should configure your gateway to do transparent proxy.

  4. Have anyone tried this piece of software? very cool.


    This software helps controlling the cpu usage of a certain process or application.


    http://cpulimit.sourceforge.net/ or install it via urpmi.


    Usage: cpulimit TARGET [OPTIONS...]

    TARGET must be exactly one of these:

    -p, --pid=N pid of the process

    -e, --exe=FILE name of the executable program file

    -P, --path=PATH absolute path name of the executable program file


    -l, --limit=N percentage of cpu allowed from 0 to 100 (mandatory)

    -v, --verbose show control statistics

    -z, --lazy exit if there is no suitable target process, or if it dies

    -h, --help display this help and exit



    - It helps me a lot especially on using dynamips (cisco emulator) and pemu (pix firewall emu) on my mandriva. Very cool.

  5. Im using pppoe, mandriva 2008.1.


    configure it via adsl-setup , am not sure if it will prompt you to run adsl on boot., but if not, you may put it inside /etc/rc.d/rc.local.


    and on my config, when I setup eth0 to start at boot, it will have conflict with ppp0, so I set it not to start auto and when ppp0 went up, it will also up.

  6. what do you want to monitor? bandwidth?, availability?


    cacti - monitors bandwidth, you dont need to compile, just urpmi.


    nagios - dont need to compile also, just urpmi.


    just my suggestion.

  7. he should be able to open it if the remote drive has been mounted. I have similar problem when accesing same file using smb:// at konqueror but I managed to mount those remote shared folder so it will appear as local drive, and OoO does not have a problem on it.


    Try to find out on autofs, so the drive will be mounted only when needed.

  8. Thanks for the sftp tip, I didn't know konq could do that! But maybe I need something on the server side too, I just getwhen I try to connect to my server. After a while though so maybe a timeout or nothing is listening to the port or something. That's with the url sftp://ftp.mywebsite.com, if I just use the ftp:// protocol then it works.


    About the VPN, that would be ok if I had another server to connect through. But from what I understand that only controls the connection between my laptop and that server, anything between that server and the real server I'm connecting to is still in the clear like before, no?



    you need to enable ssh service on that server... that means, by default, it opens port 22(ssh) instead of port 21 (ftp) . ANd make sure, your firewall allowed access to port 22 from outside, you need to check also hosts.allow and hosts.deny if no entries for sshd

  9. ok, I have made a search here and topic found is related to dual monitor setup. Now, I may want to ask if anyone from here have tried setting up Mandriva or on other Linux Distro a setup that uses multiple monitor (depends on how may vga available), multiple separate keyboard and mouse, on a single CPU and simultaneous multi user environment. So users can login simultaneously and not affecting each others I/O device and Display.


    In short, it converts a single cpu to multiple workstation.


    We have here a current setup, on windows, there is a third party software though that controls the usb device and the display which allows 5 separate users to use the PC like they have their own CPU.


    Brief details on specs.


    1. usb device, you can connect here the ps2 mouse and k-board.

    2. dual head VGA card to have multiple monitors.


    Is there a way it can be done in Linux?



    I'll appreciate any inputs.



  10. Try also to check the logs, why it generate that fast, try to check for errors, access and error logs maybe.

    Ramfree is correct, you should set a logrotate mechanism for your logs. and better to separate /var to /.


    Another thing, its better to have a monitoring system also for that server, which will alert you when that same problem might happen again.

  11. - 7 year ago, I ask my office mate to download for me a redhat distro. He then told me that I should use Mandrake instead. But I insisted on RH, so that became my first distro. Then year 2004, I was able to download mandrake, then joined MUB, and since then, I always used Mandriva on my PC, at work and at home DESKTOP. I have used opensuse once, due to certain software that works on my setup is to SUse only, and Im not able to install it with mandriva, but now Im now back to Mandriva... at HOME and at WORK.


    2008.1 at HOME

    2007 at WORK..


    yeah, am proud of it.



  12. I have a server with intel quad core processor, but due to demand, we plan to add second quad core processor to that server, my question is, will the current kernel will automatically detect the second quad core processor on the same machine? I have not personally tried it.


    btw, I'm using Centos 5 2.6.18-xx.el5 #1 SMP, does this mean that support for what am going to do is out of the box?


    thanks! :D



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  13. have you tried mutt?


    mutt(1) User Manuals mutt(1)



    mutt - The Mutt Mail User Agent



    mutt [-GnRyzZ] [-e cmd] [-F file] [-g server] [-m type] [-f file]


    mutt [-nx] [-e cmd] [-a file] [-F file] [-H file] [-i file] [-s subj]

    [-b addr] [-c addr] addr [...]


    mutt [-n] [-e cmd] [-F file] -p


    mutt [-n] [-e cmd] [-F file] -Q query


    mutt [-n] [-e cmd] [-F file] -A alias


    mutt -v[v]


    mutt -D



    Mutt is a small but very powerful text based program for reading elecâ€

    tronic mail under unix operating systems, including support color terâ€

    minals, MIME, and a threaded sorting mode.

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