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  1. Don't know if fully comparable, but i use the GeForce 8400M GS on my Acer Aspire to fully satisfaction. No problems with drivers and so on, just works very good for me.
  2. I am managing by avoiding any digital assist on my side when out-of-the-house. It is good to have yourself disconnected from the internet every then-and-now. Love to have the feeling not being available for some time.
  3. Found in the Mageia-forum more messages concerning Huawei-3G-dongles. And for the Huawei E367, there is this one topic: https://forums.mageia.org/en/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=732&p=5355&hilit=huawei#p5355 Hope it gives you some useful information. Sorry, can not do better than this.
  4. As off today Mageia 2 Alpha 1 has been made available for download. For this is an alpha, it is needed to say it is only suitable for testing purposes!!!! All kind of iso-packages can be found at: http://www.mageia.org/en/2/ Official announcement can be read at: http://blog.mageia.org/en/2011/11/25/ma ... r-testing/
  5. Don't have any updates offered right here, but i was up-to-date until yesterday. Maybe is the mirror i am using not completely in synch, and will i have those packages later. Concerning libkdefakes5: this is just a regular library for kdecore: http://pkgs.org/mandriva-2011/mandriva-main-release-i586/libkdefakes5-4.6.5-9-mdv2011.0.i586.rpm.html So, no worries about it's somehow suspected naming.
  6. Maybe run /usr/sbin/remove-unused-packages???
  7. isadora

    Failure to Boot

    Though i see you have probably some other type of Seagate Barracuda, i want to make you aware about the biggest of troubles i had with two of my Barracuda's not so long ago. In the end it seemed to be a firmware-problem of the drive, and after a terrible procedure from desk to desk, and from form to form, it ended up they (Seagate) sent me a refurbished disk. Extended information concerning that issue is to be found at: http://www.theregist...failure_plague/ I hope it didn't hit you, but otherwise it gives a nice insight into what can happen to your HDD. Edit: some more information concerning this matter at: http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2009/01/21/seagate_firmware_fix_breaks_barracudas/
  8. Just out of curiosity, did you do a clean install, or an upgrade from 2010?
  9. Makes me smile of course, Mageia for me from the beginning on. Even Cauldron is better.................i am sorry............didn't say that.B)
  10. As of today Mandriva 2011 has been made available.
  11. Very nice dude67!!!! Downloaded the Mageia-bar and will use it. Thank you!!!
  12. Hello John, Did some years ago the same for my wifes' e-mail. She used to use KMail until it went sabotage. I then converted her mail and addresses into Thunderbird. The only little document i made then, i enclose in hopes you can have the benefit.
  13. Have requested for checking this, you'll here as soon as possible. isadora
  14. Thanks for your reply John. I am going to throw al that Pulse-rubbish away right now. Never found any advantage. Concerning your Mageia-account: i shall contact the one and only admin, and let you know as soon i hear from him. By the way: what is your user-name for the Mageia-forum? AussieJohn, i presume? Greetings isadora
  15. John, Thanks for your extensive reply. And great to hear about the improvements after quitting PulseAudio. It means you uninstalled PulseAudio-soundserver, as well as al other pulse-related libs, modules and/or plugins, or would task-pulseaudio be sufficient? isadora
  16. John, It is not that i can help you, but i would very much advise you, to place a message into the Mageia-forum as well. That is: https://forums.mageia.org/en/index.php isadora
  17. Even the releases 6 and 7 will show up before the end of this year. http://www.geek.com/articles/news/firefox-5-6-and-7-will-be-released-in-2011-as-mozilla-plays-catch-up-2011027/
  18. It has been two days now not having used Mandriva. Through all my Linux-years, there has never been a day (in normal life) that i didn't boot Mandriva. Some kind of strange feeling, like leaving a friend behind. Though it is still installed at the second disk of my laptop, it is only Mageia i am using. Don't think Mandriva 2011 is going to make it at my machines. Actually, i am going for preparing switching all to Mageia.
  19. Thanks for your response ian. You are absolutely right, not that much of an own identity, at the first sight. I also think this really was the intention of the developers, and that it was more the building of a stable base for future products. As well as being sure to have the needed infrastructure in good shape. Yes indeed, where it concerns colors, or other cosmetics Mageia has to disappoint people. Time has arrived now for brainstorming, how to make the difference for the following releases.
  20. Thanks guys for the positive responses. It's about three in the night here in the Netherlands. But there is still a lot of messaging going around about the latest Mageia-release. And mainly, and really mainly, very positive. I think and feel the Mandriva-communtiy can be assured of a bright future with this release. Please spread the word around where-ever you can!!!!
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