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  1. Sounds like you're pretty much "Down for the count"! One other suggestion that you've probably already tried. Do a fresh install of 2006 to the same partition you originally installed to. Make sure you uncheck "format partition blah" and when the package installation screen comes up, leave everything as checked, and finish the installation. This should re-install 2006 leaving all you're previously installed personal software intact, as well as you're home directory. Good Luck
  2. FWIW! (against my better judgement) I just used the upgrade option on the 2007 CD's to upgrade from 2006 to 2007. It worked amazingly well with one exception. It totally screwed up "X" (I'm using a Nvidia GEForce MX440 AGP8 video display card). It has taken me two days to finally get "startx" to bring KDE up. I finally Installed a new, clean version of 2007 on another partition of the same machine, copied xorg.conf to my upgraded partition and now I can at least bring up the GUI -- but I can't change resolutions, automatically start "X" (even though inittab is set for runlevel 5) and XFdrake is set for 1280x1024 I'm still stuck with 1024x768 resolution --- nuff of my problems!! lxthusdan's suggestion is the best idea, but if you have the H.D. space you might try this: Do a fresh install of 2007 on a different partition and copy you're /home/"Tarwn"? to the new installation or anywhere else so that you have a backup. Then do another install of 2007 telling it to upgrade you're 2006 install to a 2007, this might bail you out and you could possibly end up with a useable upgraded from Mandriva 2006 to 2007. Hope this helps.
  3. From an icon on the Desktop I need the following to happen: (I assume I have to use KDESU before the program name ) which will be kdetv-Television and another with kdetv-S-Video kdetv-Television, I need to do the following: rmmod bt878 rmmod bttv modprobe bttv card=37 tuner=43 modprobe bt878 kdetv then for kdetv-S-Video: rmmod bt878 rmmod bttv modprobe bttv card=72 tuner=5 modprobe bt878 I don't know how to make the equivelent windoz batch files in Linux, Thanks for any help! EDIT(Qchem): Moved to Terminal Shell Commands...
  4. klipp

    ATI driver problem

    It looks like both of those files are installed already, If you want to re-new you're updates source, delete the two update sources in you're media manager and either use Mandriva to create a new one, or easyurpmi.
  5. klipp

    ATI driver problem

    Looks like you're Update Sources in the Media Manager need to be re-done, You might try using a different mirror.
  6. klipp

    ATI driver problem

    Try: urpmi libexpat --- this will get you both xpat & the development files
  7. klipp

    Xinerama in 2006

    Xinerama works GREAT in 2007, so now I 'd like to have it in 2006 on production machines, but can't seem to make it work! It does work in 2006 doesn't it? Thanks for any help!
  8. Try the mirror at ftp://ftp.uni-wuppertal.de -- I'm still using MDK 10.1 and am able to get updates from that mirror, so I suspect they will also have 10.2 updates available also. Most mirrors it seems have stopped offering updates for 10.1 & 10.2
  9. It looks like xdtv at the present is only capable of capturing TV video & sound and the option of capturing S-Video video & sound is not viable at this time. There is no option that I could find that would disable TV sound and enable S-Video sound in the .xdtv config file. I've tried to contact the author to get some help on this but have got no response. The program is a 1000% improvment over xawtv for TV viewing and capturing, possibly there will be an upgraded release in the future that will add what sems to be lacking. Thanks again for you're help Yves. From the lack of responses to this post, I would guess very few people are using this excellent piece of software.
  10. Yes Yves, I understand what you are saying - and agree with you, the difference is I'm trying to make S-video capture work with the xdtv (sucessor to xawtv)program. Using this program there is now way to turn off the sound from TV other than turning "Line" off, or reducing its volume gets rid of the audio from TV, but the program (or drivers)will not allow audio recording from a different audio source (cdrom or mic) irreguardless of how you set the mixer controls. This all works flawlessly (Sob!) using Windoz, only the "audio output" from the TV card connected to "Line in" of the audio card is required. Seems like this same configuraion should work in Linux. I've been using the RPM's for xdtv, so my next step is trying compiling from source and see if that makes a difference. I want to thank you again for trying to "bail me out" on this problem, I currently accomplish excellent S-Video capture (with sound) using Avview on a ATI "All in Wonder" Rage 128 pro and Mandrake 10.1 and also accomplish the same using Mandriva 2006 with a Hauppague PVR-250 card. This xdtv program looks like it has a lot going for it and I'm determined to figure out how to make it work. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for you're response Yves. You are correct in that the latest kernel modules do provide the ability to get either alsa or oss sound directly from the video device, however this is where the problem is, It doesn't seem to work! Thats exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. When I switch from "Video Source" - Televison to "Video Source" S-Video the audio from the Television is turned off, however as soon as I turn on the S-Video source (Camcorder or VCR) the audio from the Television returns rather than the selected S-Video device. (and again this works correctly in Windoz) which makes me think its a problem in the SAA7134 & BTTV modules! But its hard to believe that BOTH modules would have the same identical problem. My cards do not have a "on card connector" like your's sems to have, so I can't employ you're solution --- I wish they did!
  12. Mandriva 2006, Kernel s 2.6.12-12 & 2.6.12-24 --Capturing video from a camcorder using S-Video works fine but records the sound from the TV tuner, rather than the sound on the on the Camcorder recording. I'm using both BTTV (Pixelview) and Saa7134 (10 Moons) TV Capture Cards and they both fail the same way (they both work correctly when booted up to Windoz). This is using the latest version of XdTV, which as far as I've been able to tell, is the only Video Capture software that is capable of capturing S-Video under Linux. (other than MythTV). Also if there is any other Video Capture software that WORKS for Linux, I'd sure like to hear about it. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
  13. Anybody using this card? If so, could you answer a couple of questions about its performance! I'm primairly interested in good TV & video capture abilities. Also what video drivers make it work, ATI's or GATOS? Does it work with Avview? Any other Linux video capture software that works with it? If you are using this card, what's ou're opinion of it? Thanks for any replies.
  14. Hey scarecrow, thanks for the info, but I got it working. Using the 2.6.12-12 kernel from 2006 and manually loading modules: sata_nv & libata did the trick! For some reason you can't list the SATA drive in fstab, you have to manually mount it.
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