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  1. This explains the horrendous time 2011 has given me.
  2. I agree with isadora. I was recently forced to get a cell phone, so I got the absolute minimum without any smarts.
  3. Is Mandriva 2011 a bad joke? I cannot believe that such a thing would be released into the public domain. Normally when software has a later release one assumes that it is an improvement. I am currently having to rebuild my 2010 from the original install disk to get running again. It is a good thing I have access to this Windows machine to get online.
  4. I am new here and am new to Linux. I am trying to evaluate Linux as an alternative to Windows for my personal and business use. I have tried to install Google Earth but have run into the same problem mentioned above about a "canberra" library load failure. I have tried to search for a copy of this library, but the only references to it tell me I am forbidden to access it. I am not a technical user and almost everything I read gives the impression that I must invest a vast amount of time and energy into learning technical terms and develop an in depth knowledge of the O/S to be able to use it. When I chose Mandriva, I was told it was a "plug and play" viable alternative to Windows. Admittedly the install and general usage are very beautiful to watch, but it seems that if I want to install and experiment with add-on software, like Google Earth or games, I am going to get into a hornets nest and have to suffer high handed comments from people who have been working with this for years. I have joined this forum in hopes that other users may be able to give practical advice, directed at solving the problem and simply making it work.
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