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  1. Hi! I'm trying to do a switch or if inside a foreach but kommander is not accepting this. Someone knows how to do that? Here is a little script where I try this. If someone can help me solve this, I'll apreciate. Please, copy and paste this and see what is happen. There is a solution? teste.kmdr: <!DOCTYPE UI><UI version="3.0" stdsetdef="1"> <class>Form1</class> <widget class="Dialog"> <property name="name"> <cstring>Form1</cstring> </property> <property name="geometry"> <rect> <x>0</x> <y>0</y> <width>235</width> <height>96</height> </rect> </property> <property name="caption"> <string>Form1</string> </property> <widget class="ListBox"> <item> <property name="text"> <string>Item1</string> </property> </item> <item> <property name="text"> <string>Item2</string> </property> </item> <item> <property name="text"> <string>Item3</string> </property> </item> <property name="name"> <cstring>ListBox</cstring> </property> <property name="geometry"> <rect> <x>20</x> <y>10</y> <width>104</width> <height>70</height> </rect> </property> </widget> <widget class="ExecButton"> <property name="name"> <cstring>ExecButton</cstring> </property> <property name="geometry"> <rect> <x>150</x> <y>30</y> <width>56</width> <height>30</height> </rect> </property> <property name="text"> <string>&Ok</string> </property> <property name="associations" stdset="0"> <stringlist> <string>@forEach(val, @ListBox.text) @Message.info(@val) @switch(@val) @case(Item2) @Message.info(eh 2) @end @endif</string> </stringlist> </property> </widget> </widget> <layoutdefaults spacing="6" margin="11"/> </UI> Thanks 4 n F1!
  2. Oracle 9i 32-Bit version have a limitation that don't let it to see more that 1.7G of memory. They have a patch to work around this in metafile. But, Oracle 10gR2 with Mandriva 2006 work great! See all my memory if I want.
  3. Hi! I have a litle setup here with a Mandriva serving Terminals to 5 thin clients that boots from a diskette. All is working ok, the thin clients are working, but I don't know how to use local devices on thin clients. What I whant is to set a printer at a thin client and a cdrom on another and share it with samba. How can I acomplish that? (local-devices or something is alredy installed.) :mellow: Thanks 4 n F1! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. I have changer the redir from that stupid unstable machine to a good one and now everything is ok. The redir 0.7 is pretty much stable and is redirecting my ftp, smtp, pop3, http and mysql requisitions to the new server. :D
  5. Hi! I have alredy migrated and the best alternative, better talking, the only thing I have found is the redir 0.7, not the latest redir. I think that this redir, the 0.7, is the last one touched only by the creator, the latest one can't do ftp, maybe it is bugged, don't know. I have found this version on solucorp site, the home of linuxconf. Here is the howto and link: http://www.solucorp.qc.ca/howto.hc?projet=linuxconf&id=4 It is a litle unstable but usable if you take care of it. But I don't have sure of that instability because the machine I have used to do this becomes unstable it self for a month or two. I alredy have to do a shorewall restart some times, and now a have to do a ifdown and ifup on the redir ip alias because this ip is stoping to respond some times, in true only on high usages. So I don't have sure if it is only this stupid unstable machine or the redir too. If you test and discovery the truth post it here to community. Good lock.
  6. Now I tryed a lot of redir and ssh but nothing. With ssh tunnels I tryed like in http://www.castaglia.org/proftpd/doc/contr...-HOWTO-SSH.html and nothing. I tryed ssh -f -N -L *:21:localhost:21 allan@ and *:21: allan@ with and without port 20 too, the login goes ok, but when I try a dir, with active mode I got: ftp> dir 200 PORT command successful 425 Unable to build data connection: Connection refused and with passive mode I got: ftp> dir 227 Entering Passive Mode (200,211,7,9,136,132). (eternely silence here and the need of ^C to quit). Extremely frustrating, because with any other service it works, only the old stupid ftp is stoping me to have sucess! Any clue? Thanx!
  7. Hi, first of all, thaks for the reply. Yestarday I have discovered the --ftp option on redir, but it is only working with passive ftp and I need active ftp too or many brainless users will call here. The OpenVPN is killing me cose it is stabilishing the connection but only ping is working the rest simple don't do, don't log to message with the firewall, simple nothing, extremely strange. But the ssh tunnel is something that I forgot and seens a good idea. I'll try to redirect a port with ssh from my old server to my new server, if it works all ok, I probally will do a cool script to let us set and a easy way how many ports we need. (So I'll made the script available.) Here I have 160 domais and at least 3 times this of users that use mail and at least 4 to 5 times this users that use ftp (imagem thay call here hehe... will be a hell). I will try the ssh right now and will post the results here. Again, thanks!
  8. Hi, I have a big problem here. My server will migrate to another datacenter, so the IPs will change. To clients pointing to my DNS name will be easy, but for that ones that point to IPs hummm. I have tried 2 things so now: (My actual IP is, for example, eth1: and the new IP is eth1: Configure Shorewall like this: /etc/shorewall/nat eth1 yes yes It works only from my internal net (, coming from Internet it wont work. --- I have triend too the redir software and the rinetd. Both of then works great for almost all services, but not with FTP (becose of multi TCP connections or something). --- I think that is something that can be configured on the router too, but if it is possible, I don't know how. If you know, my router here on side is a CISCO 2600 Router. PLEASE ME!
  9. Only to document... I have deleted my wine config file by mistake, right after the instalation of wine-0.9.2-1mdk on my Mand 2006. So I´m surprised with two things: 1- Running winecfg you can config a great numbr of things. Cool :) 2- (Without this wine config described up this post) When I tryed to run WoW.exe (World of Warcraft), for the first time after installation of new wine, it poped up a dialog sayng that I don´t have the Mozilla ActiveX Control ans asking if I whant to install it. When I clicked yes it downloaded and installed automatically, and the game comed up working great. I think wine is becoming a tennager now. He can walk by him self and don´t need us to take care in all the moments. Great job Wine developers, great job.
  10. Discovered how... Install Mand 2006... after the installation it will not do the firt boot becose of lacking of OPTI module on kernel... boot in rescue mode, install kernel-source from net... configure the kernel options to compile OPTI or something (don't remeber now), recompile the kernel (hehe on this old notebook it take 15 hours to compile the holy kernel, but you can use a variable pointing to the path where the modules you want are, so the make will compile only this path)... regenerate initrd and don't forget to run lilo to update the boot stuff. Now the oldbook works, extremely slowly, but works.
  11. Hey, now rdesktop addressed this... I made a interface the support this options and all the others... I will put it this week on sourceforge... the name is XDrdesktop. XD
  12. Hehe... now I have HugeTLB on kernel, everything is configured but Oracle still unable ta see more than 1.7GB of memory! F******
  13. Hey... I posted something up there 7 months ago. I tested smart, with a server, my home pc and very very very old notebook. What I say now? Smart is from far wise and quick than urpmi. On that oldbook, urpmi becomes umpraticable... smart install the things to me :o) I know I know, what I can say... I was stupid, blemed the thing without fully try it. Only in 2 points smart is lacking on my opinion. I was unable to configure club channels in smart becose it don't accept user and pass on the URL. The second thing is that the priority can confusing some new users, maybe a better GUI on this part. Hehe... in the end I become a smart user
  14. This is a simple howto to install and admin this great Terminal Server for Linux. It is from far better than VNC and proprietary RDP protocols. NXservers are based on XDMCP protocol, tunneled via ssh protocol, but with wise compression and some magics that turn it usable at low speedy connections too, like modens. It mounts clients shares and printers, it also map sound server too. Basically it works like M$ WTS, but NXserver is more responsive. It run on Linux servers and have clients for almost all OSs. To run software for your clients, to admin servers (like me), or only to make your mothers old PC a thin client to you robust game machine (like me too :), NX it. To make the HowTo easy to edit, if necessary, I'll keep it in only one place. Here: :deal: http://forum.mandrivaclub.com/viewtopic.php?t=42899
  15. Thanks for the reply! I had undestand. If someone wants to know... The postfix must be configures like this: - Don't force TLS, so other mail servers can connect with you. - Relay to outside domains, only with authenticate. - Authenticate only with TLS or SSL. Without secure connects don' t accept authentication for securety reasons. - So without authentication, mails come from outside domain, can only delivered to yous inside domains, so no outside spam will be accepted. - Configure postfix to check RCPT TO and the existence of domains that come from. - Configure the access list from www.securitysage.com is a good idea. - Configure clamav with clamav-filter and spamassassin in clamav-filter is a very good idea. For obvious spam control and speed reasons. And before doing that and migrated all sendmails configs, like virtual domains and alias, I become a very happy postfix user/admin, no more spammers here. :)
  16. Hi! I'm seting smtp-auth with my postfix mail server and Mandriva LE2005. The things like tls,ssl,etc are all working ok. The smtpd authentication is working too, but... If I connect to my smtp with a e-mail client, I can configure it to send authentication, and works great. Without user/pass the recipinet will be rejected. But if I send a mail from another server, like hotmail for example, to a e-mail in my domain, my smtp server is rejecting the connection of the hotmail becose it is not sending user/pass. It is obvious to me that if a e-mail client sends user/pass and want to send e-mail to another domains it can. And is obvious too that if another smtp server have a destination with my domain it can send without authentication. And cannot send e-mails to another domains using my smtp server, becouse it is not authenticated to do so. So my problem is: How to ask for smtp-auth to e-mail clients but permit other smtp server to send e-mail to my server? Thanks any help!
  17. I resolved my problem recompiling the Mandriva kernel with HugeTLB. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?act=ST&f=15&t=27448
  18. Thanks 4 the reply. :D The HugeTLB is in all Mandriva kernels but is disabled by default. If anyone wants to active this... As root do a make menuconfig in /usr/src/linux and go in File systems ---> |- Pseudo filesystems ---> [*] HugeTLB file system support <- Mark that option with * (spacebar), exit and save .config So as root: make make install make modules_install And boot with your new custom kernel. Now Oracle (9i with latest patches or 10g) can create a SGA with more than 1.7GB. Course that you need at least 2.5GB of RAM to create a SGA with more than 1.7GB And with libaio, the Oracle flyes high. (search Mandrivausers.org for my Async IO post.)
  19. To everyone looking for Async IO librarys on Mandriva Linux, provided by libaio, here is the rpm package with the latest version found on rpmfind.net. I builded this on Mandriva LE2005, but probabaly works on any Linux. This library is the devel library to async io on 2.6 kernels. It can be used, for example, with Oracle to access the filesystem asynchronous, what is a very nice thing. It is easy to build from the source (unpack,make,make install), but the rpm is more easy. :D Download the file from my server and do as root: rpm -ivh libaio-0.3.104-1mdk.i586.rpm rpm -ivh --nodeps libaio-devel-0.3.104-1mdk.i586.rpm If you want to test the aio on you system, download the aio-stress test tool and do as root: gcc -Wall -laio -lpthread -o aio-stress aio-stress.c And run as root (It will play with a 300MB file using Async IO): ./aio-stress -s 300 -m -S -l -L -t 10 file1 --- RPM: http://www.ghsix.com.br/allan/linux/rpm/li...4-1mdk.i586.rpm http://www.ghsix.com.br/allan/linux/rpm/li...4-1mdk.i586.rpm SRC: http://www.ghsix.com.br/allan/linux/rpm/li...04-1mdk.src.rpm TOOL: http://www.ghsix.com.br/allan/linux/aio-stress.c -- And go relink or recompile your application to use aio. B)
  20. I quited from ATI becouse the poor drivers that they make. The hardware is excelent but the drivers for Linux simple sucks. Now I'm a happy nVidia costumer with a (hardware poor) GeForce MX 4000 but with drivers that works near perfect. In the past I got the ATI driver to work on the MDK 10.1 but some things don't worked, like Doom 3 for example. With the GeForce, the graphics are a litle slowly but the driver install so easy and work so great, that a love that now. I think that is a good point to nVidia that made Sony chose then for the Playstation 3. ATI is loosing all the Linux users market and seens that they don't care about. I'm with nVidia now!
  21. Somebody have some idea if will exist a Mandriva Linux 2006 for PS3? If exists it will be instalable or will be live cd? Maybe the 2 versions? I'm thinking about it becouse I have a PS2 and reading about new Cell processor I serious thinking in sell my PC to buy a PS3 in the next year. The 256 of memory is sifficiently to run any sort of Linux. And with that gorgious Gflopper processor, PS3 will beat easy ordinary PCs. What you think about that things?
  22. Hi! Do someone knows how to make hugetlb works under Mandriva LE2005 Download Edition? I'm asking it, becouse I belive that it is the answer for how to get large SGA (>1.7G) w/ Oracle under Mandriva Linux. Am I right? I don't want to be forced to use Fedora, SUSE, or White Box. I like Mandriva. So please ... Thanx 4 n F1!
  23. When playing Mu with wine20050211-2 after the right installation of the MScore fonts, the texts on Mu become normal to me. Now that I have updated the wine to the last version to be possible to play World of Warcraft, I see that the fonts in Mu, simple don't apper anymore, but WoW works great. I don't play Mu anymore but it is what happens with me. If I discovery why, I'll put it here. Good luck.
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