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  1. Thanks for the reply. I acutally found the problem was in my Apache configuration. I have to add the following 2 lines to it: EnableMMAP Off EnableSendfile Off I actually embeded these into the directory that I have the samba share mounted to so that all files stored on the Linux box still can use memory map and Sendfile. Now everything is working like a champ. Again thanks for your response. Hovercrafter
  2. Ok i have been fighting this for a couple days. What I am trying to do is access a samba mounted directory from my xp box through a webpage on apache. I can access a index.html file which is very short off of the xp box, but anything that has some size to it (like over 100k or so) wont come through. I have a feeling something is interfering with it and causing it to stop but i am not sure what it is. For example my linux server runs on and my xp box is now what i want to do is enter www.mydomain.com/xp and that would lead to a mounted directory for the xp share directory. I have a couple of mp3's i would like to access from there but whenever i try to, even if i do a save as from my browser, it comes up as 0 bytes. I hope i made sense lol...thanks in advance hovercrafter ps. I did a test, i can browse through konquer using smb:/ and open the mp3 file and play it fine from the linux box, but i cant do it through the brower. Even on the linux box i get the index to open, but as soon as i try to download the song i get a broken connection.
  3. Ok i got the problem figured out. It was with my UserDir directive and for some reason apache wasnt allowing it. I did some restructering on the httpd.conf file and it is working find. Basically all i wanted was to user the user home directories public_html on my server but it wasnt working. it is now. Now for another more complicated question. How would I go about redirecting URL's (im not sure if its a redirect or a rewrite I need). What I would like is the following: requested url: userpage.mysite.com would be the same as mysite.com/~userpage I have my dns set up properly to direct to my server. I just need to get apache configured to handle it. Thanks Alot Hovercrafter
  4. How can I setup apache to access HTML pages stored in users home directory. For example someuser.mydomain.com would route to /home/someuser/html I can get it working using virtual servers, but I have to keep the directories under my /var/www/html/someuser The reason is I would like to limit them to home access on FTP and thought it would be easier if I could set this up so their www files were just stored in the home directory. I dont know if this is the right approach, perhaps I need to do a link to the /var/www/html/someuser from the /home/someuser. Any help would be greatly appreciated TIA Hovercrafter
  5. OK, i can recieve mail from the internet to my postfix, but can not send from postfix out. At first I got a message stating that the server didnot accept static ip's, so i set up relay host, now i send it and nothing happens. no return message, and never recieve it on the other account. I can send locally between users on the linux box but that is it. Any help is appreciated Thanks Hovercrafter
  6. Thanks for the help guys. Turned out my router was the problem. Everytime i set it up to forward port 80 to the machine it would work for a few minutes then reset it'es self. After some research I found out this is a common problem with Network Everywhere routers, so I went out and bought a nice new belkin router and everything is working fine now. I do have to say that mandrake is the easiest distro I have ever set-up, and lovin every minute of it. Waiting for my domain to register and seeing what trouble i can run into next :D thanks alot hovercrafter
  7. That link is reporting the same IP I user through the proxy (guardster.com). The problem is if I go to I get the error. If I go to https:/ it works or if I go to it works. The 443 is set up as a virtual host with the same params as the main host. Why can I access the site with SSL and not with the normal HTTP? I know its going to be some simple problem when I find out what it is, so I am prepared to kick my own butt :D !!! Thanks Hovercrafter
  8. I have been stuck on this problem for a week now and need help. I am running one box with Mandrake 9.2 and another with Win xp. They are connected through an network everywhere router. I can access my apache 2 server from the Xp box by accessing the linux boxes network address (, but I can not access using my IP. I have tried forwarding and dmz and that doesn't help. I can access my FTP server with my ip address, so i am reaching the machine. I have even tried doing http through a proxy server and still get the page not found error. I thought maybe my ISP blocked port 80, so I set up a simple http server on XP and was able to access that with no problem, withboth my ip address and through the proxy server. I figure I have a configuration error in apache, but not sure. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am at my wits end here.. Thanks Hovercrafter
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