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  1. Boot Linux with the NT-Loader

    Thank you for the replies, i'll give the nt bootloader a go. :P cheers llinuts
  2. I have just bought a 120Gb HDD, on which i installed XP, This drive is on the primary IDE. My old 40Gb drive is now on the secondary IDE, I want to install my Mandrake 10.0 official on this drive, but do not want to put lilo ( or grub ) into the MBR. I Loaded Mandrake onto the drive with these partitons ( all ext3fs ): hdc1 = /boot hdc5 = / (root) hdc6 = swap hdc7 = /usr hdc8 = /home hdc9 = /var I selected the expert option for the install, but Mandrake did not give me an option of where to put lilo, until the summary page, i then chose hdc1 for lilo. when i rebooted, the P.C. booted into XP. Is there a tutorial on how to install lilo somewhere except the MBR, taking into account that the drive is on the secondary IDE. Cheers Linuts
  3. Bootit NG

    I hope this is the correct place for this post. I want to use Bootit NG as my boot manager ( at present use LILO - in the MBR ) As i have had no success in putting my linux bootloader in its own partition. My setup is like this: Main drive (C:) WinXP ( 28 Gb with a 2 Gb download partiton (E:) My second drive (G:) Mandrake 10.0 (8 Gb) I have read the manual for Bootit NG, but dont quite follow how i set it up for my linux drive, I know i have to resize a partiton (8Mb) for Bootit NG, In the manual they recommend NOT putting the linux bootloader ( either GRUB or LILO ) in the MBR. ( to late its already in there ). :-? Is there a way to set Bootit NG up without a re-install. So any help with this will be appreciated Cheers linuts [moved from Everything Linux by spinynorman]
  4. Ksplash - wont splash

    I dloaded a few splash screens from kde.org. Installed them, then went to change the splash screen in the Control Center - slected SplashScreens and chose a new one (kemistry2) hit the apply button, then logged off, and re-logged on, but it keeps using the old (default) splash screen, so i re-booted to see if that worked, it didn't. using 10.0 final, cheers LiNuts
  5. Cannot connect to mailserver - (popfile)

    O.K. I couldn't find SysV-init to check whether the popfile scrip is starting before the ip-up script, so i made a quick bash script and made it executable and put it in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d, and it worked :lol: Now when i use my dial-up my script automatically shuts down and restarts popfile. For anyone who wants to use it here it is: #!/bin/bash #popfile script /etc/init.d/popfile stop /etc/init.d/popfile start echo "popfile is running" then save the script as a .sh file, then chmod +x to make it executable. There probably is a better way to do it, but this works for me. cheers linuts
  6. Cannot connect to mailserver - (popfile)

    Just goes to show what a newbie i am :D I never thought of that, I'll run the "sysv-init" and check, As i am on dial-up, i suppose i'll have to make sure that the startup script /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S65popfile starts after my network connection script. Cheers linuts
  7. Cannot connect to mailserver - (popfile)

    O.K. Have found the problem ( i think ) Its the startup script. When i shutdown popfile using the script in /etc/init.d/popfile stop and re-start it /etc/init.d/popfile start, all works o.k. Now perhaps someone with a lot more experience than i have can shed some light as to why the startup script ( i presume its the /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S65popfile ) script thats stuffing things up. Its going to be a pain to keep having to shutdown and restart popfile. Cheers linuts
  8. Cannot connect to mailserver - (popfile)

    I tried port 1110, but got the same message, I can reach no problems. It is when i go to use Kmail i get the "cannot connect to host" error. I checked the /etc/hosts file and there is an entry for localhost there. I have tried using a couple of different Mail programs ( Evolution --- Operas M2 ) but its still the same. I even put an entry in the /etc/hosts.allow file for but that didn't work either. Anyone any idea of what this could be, Cheers LiNuts edit: when i change the settings back to normal using kmail, it works o.k.
  9. I have installed popfile, and set up the buckets. I am using kmail to get my e-mails, as per the popfile tutorial, i changed my login to this: Name: linuts Login: pop.pacnet:linuts Password:************ Host: port:110 But i get the error message "could not connect to host" Using Mandrake 10.0 official according to the popfile tutorial the port should be 8080, so i tried "" but got the same error. Cheers linuts Edit: moved from Software by spinynorman
  10. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    Still trying :D I have got round the "su" problem, needed the devfs,(but according to the kernel help file, its not needed - I needed it :woops: ). according to my drakconf i have everything but udev installed. when i went to urpmi udev it asked me which kernel i wanted to install, there was a list of five. As i have already installed the kernel, i said no, so no udev. The strange thing is that when i checked the /lib/module-init-tools dir there was NO modules-2.6.xx in it. I checked the /lib/modules and its in there: seems to me like i compiled without using the module-init-tools. My next question is, How can i install the udev pkg without having to re-download the kernel. And how do i get to compile using the module-init-tools ?. Because i think Most of my problems have to do with this udev pkg. I.E. no vfat and no modem. ( i am Guessing here :lol: ). cheers LiNuts
  11. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    Now its plan B: i removed the 2.6.3 kernel ( and the associated modules ) Installed that kernel-source-2.6.3-7mdk that i dloaded by mistake. ran make mrproper on it. did make xconfig >> and tried to choose the correct things to put into modules and what is to be built into the kernel. ran make modules && make modules_install. ( I think the make modules is redundant now though ). cp'd the bzImage and System.map into my new boot2 dir made a new lilo stanza for the kernel. Re-booted: No EBDA error But i still cannot get the vfat fs to be recognised. also no modem . The add new hardware wizard at boot-up then installs the dvd and cdrom to a different name. ie from scd0 scd1. I left all the msdos and vfat stuff as modules. can someone point me in the right direction as to what these should be. I have XP pro on drive C: (hda) using FAT32 not NTFS, and my linux on my second drive, with lilo using the MBR. As for my modem, my 2.4.21-0.13mdk has no trouble with the modem. As above i have compiled PPP as a module. There were a few other errors on boot-up Mainly to do with 3rd party stuff, but i can re-compile and take out that stuff. Cheers LiNuts
  12. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    Yeah sorry i forgot to say that when i did urpmi, it asked to install these :woops: I can still boot my old 2.4.21-0.13, But now i have to figure out this EBDA error when booting 2.6.3. I did a google, and apparently its something to do with either SMP and/or lilo. I have just re-compiled to see if i can make the kernel smaller. ( not re-booted yet ) but as for the lilo fix i wouldn't have a clue as to how to fix that. From what i can gather lilo has somesort of bug. something to do with "magic" whatever that is. From what my googling gave me, there used to be an option in the old kernels for SMP, but not in the newer 2.6.xx ones. Anyway i'll keep looking, and your help is [/b]very much appreciated. I am quite enjoying this new linux experience. Cheers LiNuts Edit: i suppose i could use Grub instead of lilo, is it possible to switch from lilo to grub ?.
  13. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    I have gone down a different track. I managed to get the module-init-tools-3.0 installed. ( used urpmi for the deps ). I have compiled kernel-2.6.3 from source. It booted with a few errors: wont recognise the VFAT fs: in the options for compiling the MS-DOS - VFAT fs i chose to make them all modules. but wont boot, says uncompressed error ( something like that). So i compiled DOS Fat fs support into the kernel. and put MS-DOS and VFAT as modules. As i am dual-booting with XP Pro, (fat32) do i need the NTFS option ?. when i compile VFAT into the kernel i get " Loading 2.6.3EBDA too big" and the system hangs. I compiled ppp as a module but have no dial-up. If i open the Mandrake control center from the desktop, when i enter my password i get an error saying " su not found" please make sure its in your path: ( i did an ldconfig ). Its getting there :D At least it picked up my USB mouse. and my sound card. :lol: Cheers LiNuts
  14. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    Heres the story so far. [root@localhost rpm]# rpm -Uvh kernel- module-init-tools-3.0-1mdk.i586.rpm modutils-2.4.26-3mdk.i586.rpm mkinitrd-3.5.18-4mdk.i586.rpm sysfsutils-0.4.0-1mdk.i586.rpm bootloader-utils-1.6-7mdk.i586.rpm libsysfs0-0.4.0-1mdk.i586.rpm initscripts-7.06-49mdk.i586.rpm perl-MDK-Common-1.1.11-2mdk.i586.rpm error: failed dependencies: devfsd < 1.3.25-31mdk conflicts with module-init-tools-3.0-1mdk chkconfig >= 1.3.8-3mdk is needed by initscripts-7.06-49mdk perl-base >= 2:5.8.3 is needed by perl-MDK-Common-1.1.11-2mdk drakxtools-newt < 9.1-30mdk conflicts with perl-MDK-Common-1.1.11-2mdk drakconf < 9.1-14mdk conflicts with perl-MDK-Common-1.1.11-2mdk Do i keep on dloading the req deps, as it seems to be wanting to upgrade my 9.1 to 10.0. also am i going to be able to use the module-init-tools-3.0 because of the conflict with devfsd. I'll keep on trying: :D Cheers LiNuts
  15. trying to install kernel-2.6.5-1 - Mandrake 9.1

    O.K. I dloaded both the packages. ( actually dloaded the 40.2Mb kernel-source by mistake - takes a while with dial-up ). Ran rpm -ivh and got this: rror: failed dependencies: modutils >= 2.4.25-2mdk is needed by kernel- mkinitrd >= 3.4.43-10mdk is needed by kernel- bootloader-utils >= 1.6 is needed by kernel- sysfsutils is needed by kernel- modutils < 2.4.22-10mdk conflicts with module-init-tools-3.0-1mdk devfsd < 1.3.25-31mdk conflicts with module-init-tools-3.0-1mdk I gather that when i dload the modutils --- mkinitrd --- bootloader-utils --- sysfsutils and install them (hopefully) that i will not get the conflicts mentioned above. Also will installing the above packages still allow me to boot my original 2.4..21-0.13 . because i have the headers installed and not the kernel-source. Cheers LiNuts