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  1. My fonts look terrible after 2010 update. I have no problem with my laptop that updated last night, but my desktop looks terrible, no matter what I change. I have the same exact settings on both my laptop(looks great) and desktop. The resolution for my monitor is set correctly (1920 x 1080 24 inch screen). I'm not sure what else I can try. Any ideas besides reinstalling? Thanks.



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  2. I thought my problem of Firefox 3 crashing was fixed, but it crashed yesterday. It seems to do it when I push the back button a lot.



    Oh, another thing I forgot. I usually hit the back button, then start scrolling with my mouse before the page is completely loaded. While doing that, it crashes at times.


    My firefox 3 crashes all the time. It is becoming unusable. This is a new install. All plugins disabled.

  3. I know this is old, but should still apply.


    I just installed kdebase-4.2.4 to my Mandriva Gnome install. Almost none of the base KDE Apps shown up in Gnome Menu. I have to use the run tool. I am looking for Kcontrol to change the look of the few KDE apps I want to run in Gnome. I can't find it. I thought it was called Kcontrol.



    EDIT: For anyone looking kcontrol is now "systemsettings".

  4. Currently Mandriva sees my backup(2nd hard drive) as /backup which is good. However I want it to be mount under /mnt and not /media. How do I change this?

    There are no entries in /etc/fstab for this drive. I wan't to be able to see this drive mount when I boot in safe mode. Thanks.

  5. I don't know what happened, but I lost the Gnome option in the login screen. The system now logs me into ICE. Gnome files are present. This happened right after I tried to reinstall Gnome Screensaver(wasn't working). I hate to have to install this all over again. I have a backup of my home dir if it helps.

  6. I just did a new install of of Spring 2009 Gnome. Everything is working well with the exception of the Screensaver. I am able to test each screensaver and they work. However when the system invokes a Screensaver, I just get a blank screen. It seems to put my monitor in standby. I also have "lock screen" enabled, and that does not work either.


    I confirmed thw screensaver doesn't work with compized enabled or disabled.


    When the screensaver is invoked, it actually cuts the signal to the monitor as if in powersave mode. I have lock screen enabled, but it never asks me for my password.I have power settings at "Never". I didn't have this problem with KDE Cooker, Mint 7 or Suse 11.2 64bit.



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  7. You can use pretty much any filemanager as default in KDE4: nautilus, thunar, pcmanfm, rox-filer...

    You may like to take a look at Thunar, which is a great filemanager, fully pluggable, and very fast (much faster than Nautilus).

    PcmanFM is also a good+fast filemanager, but still slightly buggy.


    I didn't know I could use anything and have tight integration. I like Thunar and will give it a shot.


    I can't right click on the icons. For some reason it crashes my desktop(2010 Cooker).

  8. I am using Mandriva 2010 Cooker. It is running well. I want to have system snapshots as well as access to incremental file backups.

    What are some of you using? Do you use the Drakbackup software? There seems to be 2 different ones in MCC. Thanks.



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  9. I am puzzled by how much harder it seems to be to deploy a theme in KDE 4.3 vs Gnome. I have Googled for an hour and can not find what I am looking for.


    Mandriva 2010 RC 1 64bit KDE4.3


    How do I install a new theme and select it?


    How do I install a theme for Amarok?


    How do I change the look of the Taskbar (ie: remove candy stripe background)?


    I can't believe I am this clueless. In Gnome this takes a minute. I hope someone can help. Thanks.



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