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  1. Isn't autodetect? Autodetect the paper type? or autodetect the installation?
  2. eyalben

    Gimp 2

    What does photoshop have that gimp not? I mostly like the gimp because of the hebrew support..
  3. Hy, I'm planning to buy HP Deskjet 5652, Ive found this: http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer....HP-DeskJet_5652 This printer connects parrallelly, so I will connect this to my Router. My old printer (HP DJ 640C) got broken but she worked fine with my network sharing (Router). The router is Dlink DI-714P+ if anyone interesting.. It is possible to print through it (altough there is almost zero info about this on the net). Well, this printer wasn't Perfectly supported, what is this meaning? I have Mandrake 10, and im using kernel 2.6 . Eyal
  4. Thanx, but... I need this to work perfectly because my brothers wont shut of fand on the printer ach time they wil start on my PC. I hope you reported it to the Mandrake bugzilla.
  5. Ive just bought also PSC 1210 before a week, after bagging and "crying" to HP they finally agreed to send me a confirmation to return the device. In my case, the scanner worked perfectly. But, Every time Ive tried to print, the printer just start to take paper and to out, take and out, without do anything. Ive tried reinstall, and I even configured it with CVS stuff, sorry but that didn't worked for me. Im using mandrake 10 by the way, Try using the printdrake again, to configure the printer again, even restart your computer, make sure that CUPS running after hpoj service started, and then try to scan. If this working, but the printing no, than there two possible ways I thought about: 1) New firmware? 2) Mandrake Bug 3) Old drivers. Whatever that was, I returned this scanner, not only because of linux, but because this PSC sucks (sorry if Im hurting someone with my language). It's based on HP Deskjet 3320, and that is the reason while trying to print through windows (I have network and brothers.. they are using DINGdows ), will show you a small nasty driver without even one featur (that cant even print mutip[le pages on one sheet). Good luck with your printer, by the way, when I asked HP (HP Israel), they saied to me: "This printer doesn't supported by linux"... So I hope someone could find out if this support or not, I dont have the time to mess with CVS and compilation (that why I left Gentoo). Good luck again, Sorry about my lousy English. Eyal
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