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  1. no - i gave up on the ndiswrapper solution (got me nowhere) , did a fresh install, and followed the native driver solution , as detailed on this mandrake bug report http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12142 Quote: "Olivier, Buchan: The buchan's package works for me on my nx5000 HP laptop (ipw2200) - regular 10.1 Official. The wifi button also works(even if there is not light on). But I had to change /etc/modules.conf as ipw2200 was set to a wrong ethX. So I only needed buchan's package, the kernel source (why not) and the 10.1 Official firmware." I've got an nx9030 laptop, pretty close enough - and all i need are those buchan milne packages... trouble , i cant get hold of the buchan milne ipw2200 dkms rpms because plf.zarb.org has been down for several DAYS now. frustrating!!!! (i've got the firmware packages from elsewhere....) the buchan milne package in question is http://plf.zarb.org/~bgmilne/dkms/ipw2200-...1mdk.noarch.rpm How this Intel 2200 bug made it to 10.1 Official is beyond me - maybe folks arent contributing enough bug reports to qa.mandrakesoft.com? In fact, I'd go as far as saying - if you come across a bug on a fresh install, dont just say it on mandrakeusers.org - submit a bug report on qa.mandrakesoft.com as well.
  2. You may have noticed the easyurpmi.zarb.org has been down for several days now. In an attempt to find out what's been going , i came across this thread on usenet - they have moved to http://urpmi-addmedia.org direct link: http://groups.google.co.uk/groups?q=plf+za....invalid&rnum=2 Quote: On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 01:20:04 GMT, sandman wrote: > are they having troubs? I would say so. This from http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ The easyurpmi PLF website is no longer MIRRORED here. They, Zarb.org/PLF, are having to many issues and the hassle isn't worth it even after I complain and ask for a better way to sync. This is the 4 th time in a week there site has been un-reachable. Email easyurpmi@zarb.org for complaints ATTENTION zarb.org DNS admin -- Remove the IP from your dns entries. This site will be dead at 0600 GMT. Now if they want stable webhosting I'll offer it to them for free. But atleast be stable. This must frustrate users. Inculding backup email service which can be triggered by ETRN or delieved by que. zarb.org admin can email sgrayban AT borgnet.us for this access and setup. In the interest of the Mandrake Community............ Someone sent me a link for alternate site http://urpmi-addmedia.org [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  3. plf.zarb.org has been down for several days now - i've located the firmware packages, but i cant find the Buchan Milne ipw2200-dkms packages - has ANYONE got them?
  4. hmmm... this might be something to do with it - hurricane force winds hit Paris last night http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/4106569.stm isnt zarb.org hosted in France somewhere?
  5. plf.zarb.org (home of the excellent easyurpmi site ) is still down. has anyone got news on it and when they expect to be back up? it's been down since yesterday evening - just asking this as i'm after buchan milne's ipw2200 rpms, and they are on plf.zarb.org [moved from Installing Mandrake by spinynorman]
  6. darn - plf.zarg.org is down right now. anyone know of any mirrors where i can get buchan milnes ipw2200 rpms mentioned in the bugzilla link above? UPDATE:Came across this excellent page on getting 10.1 to work on a Sony laptop. Ok, i've got a HP ,but there's a lot of useful info on here: http://finalpoint.homeunix.net/mandrake_10..._vaio_a190.html With regards to the 2200 wireless, the Sony also has this and here's what the author has to say about installing it: "IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection The current ipw2200 modules on mdk 10.1 and 10 do not work very well. Buchan Milne made this rpms available, so just add this feed and urpmi.addmedia ipw http://plf.zarb.org/~bgmilne/dkms/ with hdlist.cz For the drivers install urpmi dkms urpmi ipw2200-dkms urpmi ipw2100-dkms You also need the firmware urpmi ipw2100-firmware-1.2-1mdk urmpi ipw2200-firmware-2.0-1mdk After this execute drakconnect to configure the wireless card, and everything should work fine. " Unfortunately plf.zarg.org is down right now as i write this - anyone got mirrors for the buchan milne package?
  7. STOP PRESS: Serious bug in 10.1 with ipw2200 drivers. lots of folks reporting it on bugzilla read this first before proceeding. http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12142 After reading the above , here's what i'm doing right now - to recap, i've got a fresh 10.1 install on a HP NX9030 laptop with a built in Intel 2200 BG wireless card. step 1. install the kernel source tree via urpmi step 2. install buchan milne's ipw2200 rpm http://plf.zarb.org/~bgmilne/dkms/ipw2200-...1mdk.noarch.rpm step 3: change /etc/modules.conf to point to the correct ethX Quote from above bugzilla thread: "The buchan's package works for me on my nx5000 HP laptop (ipw2200) - regular 10.1 Official. The wifi button also works(even if there is not light on). But I had to change /etc/modules.conf as ipw2200 was set to a wrong ethX. So I only needed buchan's package, the kernel source (why not) and the 10.1 Official firmware." I'll report back on whether this works. UPDATE: earlier bug thread, http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11279 : comment at end says "This #12142 bug's comments gave me a solution on my HP Laptop ipw2200 with 10.1 Official." - this refers to the first bug thread linked above.
  8. i did a totally fresh re-install , as i had gone down the ndiswrapper route. rather than undo that, it was faster to just do a fresh install. first thing to note is that the wireless card IS detected and is assigned to eth1 by mandrake. ifup eth1 results in "Error for wireless request 'Set Mode' (8B06': SET failed on device eth1: Operation not supported. SIOSCIFFLAGS: No such file or directory" Note that this is a fresh install. Next stage , i suppose, is to compile the newer ipw2200 drivers from that ipw2200 website?
  9. you need to install the kernel source code. looks like you are using version In KDE select STAR -> System -> Configuration -> Packaging -> Install Software Type in "kernel" , hit Search , scroll down - you'll see package called kernel-source-2.6-2.6.8-1-12mdk select that , click on install. But before going down the ndiswrapper route, are you sure there arent any linux drivers for your card? did mandrake detect anything during installation? the ndiswrapper stuff is complex, mainly because there are old bits of ndiswrapper lurking around the 10.1 install - there's a thread on this board that describes how to clean out the old ndiswrapper completely. But i would seriously advise you to find out if there are native linux drivers first, before using ndiswrapper.
  10. when i did a "make" a get lots of compile errors refering to "ieee80211_crypt.c" my mdk kernel is (mandrake 10.1 official)
  11. Excellent! Thanks for pointing that out. I'll do the make-install stuff, as the ndiswrapper route is getting me nowhere.
  12. ndiswrapper has nothing to do with writing to a windows filesystem - you have to copy the drivers across to your linux system.
  13. ifup wlan0 on that config just results in it trying to find the dhcp server on my network and stalling. i cant seem to change the IEEE thing in iwconfig - it says "802.11g" - while my base station is 802.11b - any way to force this to 802.11b?
  14. i might have figured it out - anytime i do iwconfig, it shows the card as being a 802.11G card - it's using the 802.11G protocol. my base station is 802.11b how can i force it to use 802.11b? the specs for the intel 2200 BG says its both b and g compatible.
  15. I wish you lived next to me then I could get free internet through your wireless! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> at home now. didnt work. aaaaargh... i've got the latest ndiswrapper installed (and even the wireless light on my laptop is on!) here's my ifcfg-wlan0 - if there's something really obviously wrong , let us know [my gateway is - its a linux box upstairs with an ADSL plugged into it [ aside: i have a Win XP laptop as well and that is wireless connected ok - so its not something to do with my network layout or something] ifcfg-wlan0 DEVICE=wlan0 BOOTPROTO=static IPADDR= NETMASK= NETWORK= BROADCAST= GATEWAY= ONBOOT=no MII_NOT_SUPPORTED=yes TYPE=Wireless IPV6INIT=no USERCTL=yes PEERDNS=yes RATE=Auto CHANNEL=1 MODE=Managed HWADDR=00:0e:35:7a:16:19 So close - i'm within a hairs breadth of getting this sorted out.
  16. i've got everything working via ndiswrapper right now - everything except a network connection. no errors in dmesg, iwconfig and ifup wlan0 (static ip) are fine - even the wireless light on the front of my hp nx9030 laptop lights up. the only thing i can think of is that my wireless base station is one of those 2 aerial belkin 802.11b thing, 11Mb/s rate, connected via rj45 network cable to my hub. the ipw2200 is a 802.11G card - 54Mb/s rate. i'm totally at a loss now as to what to do next , as i'm getting NO errors at all dmesg or anywhere else.
  17. a lot of the instructions for configuring ifcfg-wlan0 refer to setting a KEY= entry KEY="123456789A" when you do iwconfig , you'll then see an entry Encryption Key="1234-5678-9A" Security mode:restricted Trouble is , my access point isn't encrypted (it's just in my house) - removing that key entry changes the iwconfig line above to Encryption key: off I'm at work right now, so i cant test this out, but it just may be the solution to my connection problems. i'll report back this evening (next hour or two) when i get home.
  18. i've got the latest ndiswrapper (removed all the old references to it) via urpmi - before i try the sourceforge version, maybe its something to do with my access point - it's a belkin 802.11b , 11Mb/s the card is a newer 802.11g , with a bit rate of 54mb/s Is it possible that the intel 2200 802.11g card can't communicate with a 802.11b access point? everything IS working - dmesg has no errors, ifup wlan0 works, ndiswrapper loads with no errors, drivers load up ok. in fact everything appears to work - i'm even seeing a blue signal in KWifiManager - but the darn card refuses to register with my access point. STOP PRESS: There's a reference to Mandrake 10 specifically, on the ndiswrapper wiki pages: http://ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net/phpwiki...p/Distributions Checking this out now.
  19. Intel PRO/2200 BG wireless built into my new HP nx9030. To cut a long story short , the IPW2200 drivers on 10.1 official dont work out of the box. So, after following a lot of threads on this forum, i've gone down the ndiswrapper route - everything appears to work ok - iwconfig and ifup wlan0 work, and there's no error messages in dmesg - the drivers load ok. HOWEVER - somebody mentioned to me on usenet that i need to place the ipw2200 firmware drivers in /lib/hotplug (from ipw2200.sourceforge.net) , which is what i did - there's around 4 .fw files and i just copied them in /lib/hotplug and rebooted. however , /proc/net/ndiswrapper/wlan0/settings shows the the mac_address is set to XX:XX:XX:XX , which doesnt appear to be right. So to sum up ndiswrapper - works ifup wlan0 , iwconfig - works dmesg - no errors .fw firmware in /lib/hotplug but the card is giving me a mac_address. Anyone got any troubleshooting pointers on where to go from here? [ and no, i dont want to install the ipw2200 drivers - the instructions mention compiling cryptographic stuff into the kernel and then rebuilding your kernel. that would be very much a last resort for me, as i'd need to recompile anytime i did a urpmi kernel upgrade]
  20. BitchX kiss-ass ncurses based IRC client [ urpmi bitchx] KDissert mind mapping tool http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=12725 Aterm (urpmi aterm) http://aterm.sourceforge.net/ highly configurable console with colorised transparency e.g. aterm -tr -tint blue -bg black -fg yellow more examples: http://aterm.sourceforge.net/features.php Celestia (urpmi celestia) 3D solar system explorer. highly recommended.
  21. i was going to try that , but i've now got the ndiswrapper version working iwconfig shows wlan0 as being up , but i can't ping to my linux desktop gateway machine - i get a destination unreachable. should wlan0 be mapped to eth0 or something?
  22. i'm having the same issues as many people on here - so much for 10.1 working for wireless "out of the box". i've got the IPW2200 intel wireless - the kernel that comes with mdk 10.1 has an ipw2200 drivers built in as a module. anyway - i'm at the ndiswrapper stage where doing ndiswrapper -l shows my driver installed - w22n51 driver present, hardware present so far so good. however, when i load the driver with /sbin/modprobe ndiswrapper , dmesg reports : ipw2200: ipw2200_boot.fw load failed ipw2200: Unable to load firmware : 0XFFFFFFFE ipw2200: No space for Tx ipw2200: failed to send SCAN_REQUEST_EXT command dmesg DOES report that ndiswrapper has loaded ok ndiswrapper: driver w22n51 (intel.... blah blah ) added
  23. ipw module is referenced in /ib/modules/module.dep - there's a whole series of refs to a 3rdparty/ipw2200 directory. /lib/modules/ /lib/modules/ i'd rather remove it safely via urpmi - any idea what the package is? UPDATE: found it - it's in the kernel- package. without having to roll my own kernel, i suppose i just edit modules.dep and remove all refs to ipw2200????
  24. have the same problem - ipw (Intel PRO/Wireless 2220BG) wireless card in my brand new HP Nx9030 laptop too. sometimes it freezes on "checking for new hardware" , other times on "netprofile". how do you remove the IPW* drivers completely? I'm going to use ndiswrapper instead.
  25. i'm following the instructions on ndiswrapper.sourceforge.net - so far so good. i have the inf and sys windows drivers. however , when i do a dmesg i see ndiswrapper version 0.8 loaded. but i just urpmi'ed ndiswrapper 0.91 urpme ndiswrapper to remove it, and then a dmesg , stil shows version 0.8 loaded mix up in ndiswrapper versions going on in mandrake 10.1?
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