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  1. But this is something I see on the other boards I visit John. On the Gentoo forums mods and admins use other distros and are open about it. The same thing with the Debian forums. It doesn't affect the way I think. I just figure they've moved onto something else. Some people just get tired of using the same distro and want a change. For me I just wanted something more advanced since I'm a cli sort of person. That's why I like Gentoo. It's all cli. That doesn't mean you can't use cli in Mandriva but I just like the more advanced approach in Gentoo because I find it challenging. I still think Mandriva is a great distro and I keep an up to date version installed at all times. I always like to check out the latest versions so I can see what has changed.


    Thanks for the compliments about our board. :)

  2. I have every hope that it works, but I don't see much chance that it will - and I tend to be optimistic.


    Constructive criticism or advice is one thing. But these kind of negative statements don't help at all. How about saying I'd be happy to answer Arch questions? If everyone took the attitude you're taking nobody would ever start anything. If paul had taken that attitude 7 years ago this board wouldn't exist. Maybe we will fail but don't condemn us before we even get started. A little support sure does go a long way.

  3. Could one of the reasons for falling numbers be due to the fact that so many admins. and mods. openly advertise here that they don't even use Mandriva ???.


    Yes I wonder. :rolleyes: :unsure: :huh:


    Cheers. John.


    We may not use Mandriva anymore but don't you think it says something about us that we still spend so much of our own time and energy supporting it and the users of this board? Do you think it's fun being an admin or a mod? Do you know that the mods have mine and pauls cell phone numbers so they can text us if somethings wrong so we're available 24 hours a day? Did you know that I paid for the renewal of technical support for this board out of my own pocket? If that's not showing support for Mandriva and the community I don't know what is. I'm not complaining because I love giving back to the open source community. But don't accuse me and others of something without looking at the whole picture.

  4. I don't know if you remember what a hard time we had getting this board started Steve. There was so much controversy and people were angry and thought we were being disloyal to Tom. It was only after the old board went away that some people came over but some people left for other places. It's always difficult getting something off the ground. All we can do is do our best and hope for the best. :)

  5. This new board has capabilities that IPB doesn't. For instance we can imbed videos which is one of the suggestions we had for a board. And we can try and diversify and add features that will make the board appealing. paul's already working on a hack for a new portal for this. I'd really like to see suggestions for forum topics. It doesn't just have to be linux distros. It can be anything.

  6. I know you like to play devil's advocate tyme but do you always have to be so negative? How about offering suggestions about how to make the board successful? And besides, you started your own forum and got members from this board to go to yours. You didn't seem to be concerned about splitting up the community then. And this would be a companion site. We'd work together.

  7. I was asking for suggestions for distros, Gentoo, Debian, Arch, Fedora, and more. Linuxquestions has over 350,000 users and it has a old, tired interface. I think we would handle situations as they come up. Plus we plan on including more than just distros. That's where we need suggestions as to what users would want.


    Plus you guys need to realize that Mandriva has gone way down in popularity and as a result our stats on this board have taken a drastic decrease in numbers. Like I said a new board could be a way to keep the community together.

  8. I don't see the point. Distro specific forums provide far better support.




    So you think Mandria provides better support than we do? Plus we're losing members because they're switching distros. It'd be nice to provide them an alternative so we keep our community intact.


    Steve I fixed my spelling error. :P

  9. I intend to add a sticky under each distro, such as basic commands on how to install and upgrade software, etc., and a mirror list for Debian users.


    I'm not sure what you mean Yves. Can you please explain?


    ilia_kr, good ideas on forums.

  10. Paul and I have a domain name, although I can't give it out yet, and have found the forum software we are going to use. We need some feedback from the community as to what they would like to see on the board. We will have the major distros, like Ubuntu, Gentoo, Debian, Arch, etc but we need others. We're going to have a Discussion Forum and a Community Chat Forum. Also what other kinds of forums would you like to see?


    And we're gong to need a banner so hopefully you guys can help us out with that. Otherwise paul will do something! :unsure:


    This is still going to be a companion site to this board so I hope everyone will help in making it a success.



  11. Yes, but when you chroot you are essentially logging in as root on the install you are chrooting to.


    I realize that but in order to make the repairs you need, you have to be root. You simply do what you do and then logout. I don't see the difference between that and doing su because in both cases you are working in a terminal with no gui interface. Not trying to argue, just make a point that there are alternatives. :)

  12. Yes, rescue is a time when you'd have to login as root, else you'd not be able to rescue the system.


    Couldn't this also be accomplished by chroot from a live cd or another linux distro? I have broken things several times in Gentoo to the point where my system was unbootable and it was nothing I couldn't fix from within a chroot environment. Just a thought. I profess to being a command line geek. :P

  13. These are my suggestions through page twelve. I'll add more as I have time to finish reading.


    Who is smart for? Some considerations could be, why are you dissatisfied with your current package manager?


    The case for smart

    In this section real case scenarios will be described: this includes Smart's behavior in comparison with other tools, and handling unusual operations.

    The error shown makes the user believe . . . This is not the case.

    Another misguiding error messages: skip, Let's go furhter

    (586_1cl shows it's not native in this specific case) This clearly shows that the APT algorithm makes a single version as a candidate. When this is not the wanted version for some operations the whole operation is compromised.


    Case 2 apt & yum

    This issue is when a package named A requires package BCD explicitly. The expected behavior for an operation asking to install A is obviously selected BCD to satisfy A's dependencies. On the other hand, . . . :


    It succeeded in installing:


    Understanding package management


    Each of them has their own goals . . . Preferably with little or no . . .

    There have been a lot of advancements.


    Undersanding packages

    Then it is packaged into a . . .

    In Gentoo they use ebuilds (no hypen). All package managers take the source code and package it into a binary executables. These are outdated packages and the problem is resolved by installing or upgrading to a newer package.


    Omit in reference in which we are talking about. Reposities are web sites that contain packages. Every distribution has a repository and usually there is more than one.

  14. I did some googling on the problem and found this:


    try booting with the kernel parameter 'nopinit' to disable parallel init, and see what service it fails at now (it may be a different one). Then reboot and press 'I' for interactive boot when prompted, and skip the service that was failing.


    It could actually be a problem with harddrake not detecting your devices properly according to what I found.


    As far as logs you can try dmesg or even better syslog if you have it.

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