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  1. The reason for the problem was GTK. I found out that all windows that where generated by gtk where unstyled. There is a package gtk-qt-engine that i've installed. Now I can change the option "GTK-Style" in "Appearance" to "Use my KDE options". Thanks anyway!! Matt
  2. Hi all! I upgraded my 2008.1 version to 2010.0. I'm using KDE and the theme/style that I've set for buttons and checkboxes, etc. is "Oxygen". BUT.. this style is obviously not accepted by all windows. So, for instance not by OpenOffice. The window style looks like the very old FreeBSD style, you know? The colour is very grey and the buttons very simple and rectangular. Or for example, when I click on "browse files", the window that appears has the same old style, not the Oxygen style. Or the standard buttons and dropdown boxes in firefox look different as well. What shall I do? Does somebody knows whats wrong or how to fix this? I can upload pictures if you want. Thank you, Matt
  3. oh people.. @ianw1974: your guess to disable ipv6 was almost right! It has something to do with the network. eclipse trys to build up a connection to localhost on the first time it starts (don't know why exactly).. However, I checked it and I had no loopback interface to connect to! I had to enable it manually I suppose my network-up daemon is broken or deactivated at startup or something like that.. it works fine for 2 hours now.. thank you all people! greetings, matt
  4. Hmm.. you won't believe this. I further noticed that everytime I switch off the network or disable the network, eclipse works perfectly!! Huhh?? Ok once again... As soon I switch ON my internet connection eclipse freezes while starting up! I can start with a disabled internet connection, open all files, edit them and compile, but while I switch on my internet connection eclipse freezes.. Ok, this is not a solution! I need the internet!! :) k what do you say...
  5. Yes. I always removed the old one before installed the new Yes! Ok.. they suggest to install backported rpms for 3.3.0-0.27.2 for i586 which can be found here http://www.eslrahc.com/2008.0/i586/. So I removed the old version and installed these packages: eclipse-cvs-client-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm eclipse-ecj-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm eclipse-jdt-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm eclipse-platform-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm eclipse-rcp-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm libswt3-gtk2-3.3.0-0.27.2mdv2008.0.i586.rpm NOTHING changed.
  6. well.. I made the following observation: I just bootet my notebook with an external monitor to give eclipse another shot. It started well and worked fine for some minutes!! happy me... but then again, some tasks started to delay and as I opened another file, it crashed again. It just freezed completely and there was no choice left but kill the process. Is there someone who understands this behaviour? If someone know some tricks or tips, pls post them. matt
  7. I tried different approaches. First I downloaded it from eclipse.org and startet it from my /home directory, like ./eclipse... that's just what I usually do. After that didn't work (same error) I installed eclipse from the package manager... now there is eclipse everywhere. /usr/lib, /usr/share and so on. But still the same. The funny thing is.. I had the same error on mandriva 2008.1. I thought this had something to do with 2008.1, maybe some young bugs or something, and reinstalled 2008.0 again. NO IDEA. hmmm... Thank you for you interest. matt
  8. Hi everybody, I recently installed mandriva 2008.0 from scratch because I encountered problems while updating from mandriva 2007.1.... however, my system is a fresh mandriva 2008.0 installation with a fresh installation of java 1.6 through rpm. Here's the problem: I'm used to working with eclipse and since I'm running mandriva 2008.0, eclipse crashes everytime I want to open a source file, or a text file or anything else I could edit.. Workspace loads great and eclipse finishes its initialisation process well but I can't edit a file. It freezes completely and I can't do anything. - I tryed to install eclipse through urpmi but still the same error - simply changing workspaces doesn't work - everything is fine the user priviledges etc - tried it with different java versions (1.5, 1.6).. no change - The .metadata/.log file says nothing! After killing the eclipse process this error message comes up: JVM terminated. Exit code=1 /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun- -Xms128m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Dosgi.sharedConfiguration.area=/usr/lib/eclipse/configuration -jar /usr/share/eclipse/startup.jar -os linux -ws gtk -arch x86 -showsplash -launcher /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse -name Eclipse --launcher.library /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.gtk.linux.x86_1.0.0.v20070606/eclipse_1017a.so -startup /usr/share/eclipse/startup.jar -exitdata 1018004 -configuration /home/matthaeus/.eclipse/org.eclipse.platform_3.3.0-mdv/configuration -Dgnu.gcj.runtime.VMClassLoader.library_control=never -vm /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.6.0-sun- -vmargs -Xms128m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m -Dosgi.sharedConfiguration.area=/usr/lib/eclipse/configuration -jar /usr/share/eclipse/startup.jar Starting eclipse from terminal gave me this message after killing the eclipse process: *** glibc detected *** /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse: double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0806ee68 *** ======= Backtrace: ========= /lib/i686/libc.so.6[0xb79724e6] /lib/i686/libc.so.6(cfree+0x90)[0xb7976010] /usr/lib/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.gtk.linux.x86_1.0.0.v20070606/eclipse_1017a.so(run+0x18b3)[0xb7264cf3] /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse[0x804971b] /lib/i686/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe0)[0xb7920f90] /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse[0x8048e11] ======= Memory map: ======== .... I can't help myself! Does someone know how to deal with this?? It'd be great if there's someone out there.. Thank you, matt
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