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      Official documentation for extant versions of Mandriva can be found at doc.mandriva.com.   Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there. You can install all the manuals from the main repository if you have Mandriva installed - files are prefixed mandriva-doc.
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      Forum software upgrade   10/29/17

      So you may have noticed the forum software has upgraded !!!
      A few things that have changed. We no longer have community blogs (was never really used) We no longer have a portal page.
      We can discuss this, and decide whether it is needed (It costs money) See this thread: Here


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  1. installation and configuration guide

    What about attaching a PDF version that would render correctly on any system, would be portable and printable?
  2. Which Linux OS is best?

    I disagree, i wasn't happy with my laptop athlon xp 1250 and 256mb ram (Thank god i have a new one now). I suppose it depends what you use it for eh? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> and how much money you have to drop on a laptop.
  3. I dont use the 64 bit version, I was worried that I was missing something with the 32 bit version by using the free version. I do know that I am missing a load of third party stuff and other non-free things.
  4. quick question, what do you mean missing RPM's, whats missing? I assume this only applies to the x86_64 version not the i586 version.
  5. I plan on grabbing a copy of Suse 9.3 I have a palm, ipod and a pvr card that I have been trying link crazy to get to work on 10.1 and cant seem to get any working. I did install 10.2 rc2 and got the ipod to work half way but that's it. I am relying on Suse 9.3 to live up to its claim that it will work with the ipod out of the box. I have also used 9.2 and it worked with the palm right after installation. So my issue comes down to peripheral usability.
  6. iTunes for Linux

    unless you burn the songs or playlist to a cd then re-rip that cd. /my 2 cents
  7. HOWTO: Mandrake 10.1 + ivtv

    What happens when you try: urpmi kernel-source-2.6 or urpmi kernel-source- I cant remember exactly what it is but I think its along those lines. Im at work right now and cant check it right now.
  8. Adding a new hd [SOLVED]

    I have a question on this same subject. I have a 120gb drive with [20g ntfs winxp][20g ext3 mdk 10.1][80g ntfs data] I want to add another drive to be used as ext3 data drive. I have installed the drive, formatted it and set it to be mounted as /mnt/data1. after I did this only root could write to this drive. I did 'chgrp jason' & 'chown jason' on the mount point /mnt/data1. This allowed my user ID to have write access to the drive. I know this is not ideal and I would like to know how to allow all system users to have write access to this drive.
  9. I need help with my Hauppauge 250 PVR

    Sounds like you dont have the kernel source package installed. urpmi should be already set up to use your cd media (or whatever you used to install mandrake). all you should need to do is open a console and use the command su - {{enter root password}} urpmi kernel-source then try 'make' again. **** FAQ on urpmi: http://www.mandrakeusers.org/index.php?showtopic=10600 Tool to help set up online repositories for urpmi http://www.mandrakeusers.org/easyurpmi/
  10. Open Graphics Project

    I second that one. although $100 is a little more understandable.
  11. HOWTO: Mandrake 10.1 + ivtv

    To load modules at boot time check out /etc/modules this is my /etc/modules file on PCLos P8: # /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time. # # This file should contain the names of kernel modules that are # to be loaded at boot time, one per line. Comments begin with # a `#', and everything on the line after them are ignored. bttv
  12. New Easy Urpmi site

    I was on one of the various mirrors for easy urpmi recently and it had a section where you could choose thac's rpms and a couple other 3rd party urpmi sites to add to your list of sources it would create the urpmi.addmedia lines for. Does anyone know where this might be now? Anyone else seen it before? I forgot to bookmark it and would like to use it again.
  13. This let me use urpmi again. but MCC is still borked. I get segmentation fault when I run from CLI.
  14. I beleive the missing signature message would have been due to you not having the servers pgp key installed.
  15. Issue with mythtvfilldatabase

    No-one with Myth experience here?