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  1. How do i edit the GRUB? Through Mandriva?
  2. Hi, I currently have Mandriva One 2008 on a 10gb partition out of my 40gb. Question. When you install another linux on a unallocated partition what happens to the bootloader? Say if the new linux you install has the GRUB loader would the hardrive load the new loader from the new linux? Or recieve a GRUB error and load the old one? Thanks.
  3. I have already started a thread about my internet problem. https://mandrivausers.org/index.php?showtop...mp;#entry337044
  4. I don't think it MAC filters because i can connect to the net on Windows using wireless USB
  5. Hi, I really like the KDE desktop on my Mandriva One 2008 and i have done some screenshots and would like to send them to my HD volume what my Windows is on but it won't let me. I cant upload the pics to an internet server as i cant configure my connection. I was thinking, in Windows if i add another primary partition about 2gb big and in the file system FAT32 will i be able to put the pics into there and access them from Windows?
  6. Yes, insert your windows boot disk and when all the files have loaded press R for the recovery console. It will give you the option on what windows to repair, it should look like this. 1. C:\Windows You press 1 from your keyboard and it will ask for the Admin password, this password is normally just blank so press Enter. Now a command line will appear. Simply type "fixmbr" and press enter. It will caution whether you want to do it. Press Y and Enter. Now reboot. On startup it will no longer load the GRUB loader. Enter Windows and go into disk management and format the Linux partition.
  7. Hi, I have successfully set up Mandriva One 2008 and desperatley want the internet on it. I have fiddled around with the network configuration and it won't connect to my Belkin Wireless router (which is connected to my other computer). I am using the Belkin USB wireless adapter which is working because it is picking up my access point. The access point is secured with WPA-TSK encryption. When i setup the connecton it asks for the IP address. What IP is it asking for? My host computer IP or the computer with Mandriva IP? Please can someone give me a brief step by step guide on how to setup the internet? Thanks. [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  8. I am stuck on what to do next i with the mount point and i have formatted one of the 10gb volumes to Journalised FS:ext3 on hdb1. I know the GRUB in the MBR on my master wont harm my windows but i would prefer it to boot from my slave.
  9. Hi, As im typing this i am starting the installation of mandriva one 2008 from the live CD feature on another computer. I am asking for help becuase last time i installed it i got into a mess with GRUB errors. I have a 80gb HD, master, Windows XP (leaving this untouched) and a 40gb HD, slave, No OS, with two partitioned volumes of 10gb (i want mandriva on one of these). I want to install mandriva so that GRUB isnt in my MBR on my master HD, i want it so that i can change the hardisk priority in the BIOS to either boot from master or slave and GRUB wont affect my master HD. I am currently up to the Disk partition and mount point of the installation and im stuck. Please Help.
  10. Cheers guys, im going to take both of your advice and boot mandriva grub off the slave hd and change the BIOS hd setup. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Linux has had me pulling my hair out recently. I'm new to linux so i don't really know how it works. Just recently i installed mandriva one and i got a GRUB error and it wouldnt boot so i had to fix my MBR with the recovery console from my XP disk. Is there a way of having Mandriva without having to boot from GRUB (so it will boot from my master hd and give the black background with the two options "Windows XP Home" or "Mandriva One") Is this possible? I have two hardrives. 80gb Master, Windows XP (I'm leaving this untouched) 40gb Slave, No OS (Partitioned into four volumes of 10gb, one of which i want Mandriva on) I want Mandriva installed onto one of these volumes. Please help!
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