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  1. I didn't mean they were copying. I merely wanted to point out the coincidential fact that two of the most popular Linux distributors start to offer similar services roughly at the same time. Maybe it shows something (some kind of a trend, or a new business model becoming popular).
  2. Mandriva is following Ubuntu's steps and announced that it is now offering online storage service, but compatible with all Linux distributions, Windows and Mac OS X. More details can be found here and here.
  3. Hi All, I noticed I always come here with my problems, and god knows I experience many of them. Well, not only god. Also some precious members here. But for me they are just entities coming from nowhere, whose faces I never see and sound I never hear, and who resolve all my problems, so I may just as well call them god. Anyway, god (the original one) forbid I do not want to make the impression that everything is negative. So I decided to share with you two little new things I found lately in Gnome I really like. Those of you who already know them - sorry. You're excused from class. Up until not a long ago I used to have Avant Window Manager, so I removed the bottom Gnome panel to make place for it. Apparently my Intel graphics driver does not support the new Xorg version yet, so I disabled Compiz and brought back the bottom panel. While configuring it I found two useful features (right-clicking the panel and choosing "Add to panel..."): Deskbar - "an all-in-one action bar". It's a brilliant idea. Doesn't matter what you are looking for - you'll find it there. Directories, files, keywords in files, even webpages from your bookmarks ot history cache - just hit Alt+F3 and start typing what you want. A powerful feature if you ask me. Keyboard Indicator shows the user what language the keyboard is set to. I remember I was looking for this basic feature back at the beginning of 2008 and couldn't find it. Essential for those of us who use multiple languages. If you have any other features or configuration tweakings you like, share with us! [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  4. The style was too similar to mine, so I thought you were tying to mock me. It's ok, I'm used to it. ;)
  5. Hey, was this joke on me or about me? :) I'm flattered by the fact that you start getting inspiration from my messages. :P It worked! Thanks a lot. I could swear that last time I just deleted these icons.
  6. I used the graphical online applet (the blue arrow in the notification zone) and it worked smoothly. In previous times I used the DVD and it should also work flawlessly, in case the internet connection you use is not reliable enough. Disclaimer: After upgrading I did have a problen running Compiz, because the graphical card I'm using does not support the new Xorg version. But unless you have intel graphical chipset and must have Compiz, things should work fine.
  7. Just as I thought to put it behind me, Murphy called. After deleting .gconf/apps/nautilus and rebooting, the home, computer and trash shortcuts reappeared on my desktop. When I try to delete them I get the following error message: Error while deleting. There was an error getting information about "computer". details: The specified location is not supported In terminal I can't see these shortcuts. I can't say it's a catastrophe if I leave those shortcuts on the desktop, but losing control makes me insane. EDIT: I'm aware to the fact it's becoming off-topic. If mods prefer I can open a new thread.
  8. Removed both .nautilus and .gconf/apps/nautilus from my home directory and restarted the computer. Didn't help. In all three files, the Exec line is identical to the one you wrote. I really appreciate you efforts, but I can handle it this way and I wouldn't want to waste any more of your time. From time to time I'll try to solve it again (maybe a fresh view is required), and if I find anything I will post it here. Thanks! :)
  9. My fields match yours character by character. I'd rather not delete configuration files for the meanwhile, the probllem does not disturb me that much. If you think of anything else, please let me know. Thanks for you efforts.
  10. Uninstalling the shared-mime-info package will remove with it dozens of packages due to dependencies summing almost 700 MB, including task-gnome and task-gnome-minimal. I think breaking my system is too high a price just to be able to open some directories from the Places menu. :) Your second advice was helpful - on other users the problem does not exist and nautilus is launched successfully. BTW, when I launch nautilus from the terminal on the other user, the warning I saw in the first user (which are speciied in my first message) do not appear. So maybe it is something to do with that.
  11. Thanks. Here is the contents of the file: [Default Applications] application/x-flash-video=totem.desktop application/pdf=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/vnd.adobe.xfdf=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/vnd.fdf=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/vnd.adobe.xdp+xml=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/vnd.adobe.pdx=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/fdf=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/xdp=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/xfdf=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop application/pdx=/opt/Adobe/Reader8/Resource/Support/AdobeReader.desktop As you see, nothing regarding nautilus nor gedit.
  12. Hi demon, It might be a problem with the specific mirror you are using (given that your internet connection works. I assume you write thses messages from the computer). in http://easyurpmi.zarb.org/ there is an "Advaced" area in the bottom of the page, where you can choose the specific mirror to update from. I'm not sure it's going to help, but you may want to try it.
  13. The only tabs I have in properties are: Basic, Emblems, Permissions, Notes and Share. In none of them I can't select the program to run it with. The properties window is different for directory and files (in files I do have this tab).
  14. Hi all, I encounter a minor but annoying problem: I'm running Mandriva 2009.1 with Gnome. When clicking Places -> Bookmarks -> Documents (or any other library), instead of launching Nautilus, Gedit is launched and I get the following error message: /home/guest/Documents is a directory. Please check that you typed the location correctly and try again. I don't think there is a problem with nautilus itself, because I can launch it successfully (from the terminal, for example) and it functions well. If I drag the library's icon to the desktop and open the icon's properties, I see that in the location field it's written: "file:///home/guest/Documents" (which looks fine to me, but what do I know). Any idea? EDIT: Sorry, I missed something important. When I launch nautilus from the terminal I get the following warning messages: [username@localhost ~]$ nautilus (nautilus:5586): atk-bridge-WARNING **: AT_SPI_REGISTRY was not started at session startup. (nautilus:5586): atk-bridge-WARNING **: IOR not set. (nautilus:5586): atk-bridge-WARNING **: Could not locate registry Still, as I mentoned, nautiles opens and functions normally.
  15. Did you install OO 3 from the Mandriva repos, or did you download the package from the site? I installed OO on my wife's XP netbook, and after installation I had to install a separate plugin to open docx files (the plugin was available on OO site). On the other hand, I installed OO on my Mandriva laptop from the repos, and it opens docx files without a problem.
  16. Yeah, that's what I meant! WOW, these are great news. Not so much because of the solution, but because I diagnosed correctly the problem. :) How do you know that? I googled aroung and couldn't find anything about that. Anyway, as I mentioned, I'm getting along even without Compiz, and I'm not sure I have the time to install things from cooker and risk crashing my system. I'll be glad if you point me to a place where I can track the development (like the relevant bug report or wherever the progress is visible).
  17. demon and dan, I appreciate your help, but I'm doubtful. As I mentioned, I also have a problem with the Avant window manager and google gadgets. It makes me think the problem is with the composite extension, not with the windows decrators. I suspect my problem has something to do with the new Xorg version, maybe my card doesn't support it (see here). Anyway, I'm sort of starting to like the "regular" display manager, because my HW is pretty old and this way my machine is more responsive. I've started developing with it, so I need the performance. Of course, thanks for your time. :)
  18. Compiz. Thanks, I'll try it when I get back home (about nine more hours to go...).
  19. Hello and welcome to another chapter in the ever-lasting series of Yossarian's Mandriva perfect upgrades, but not just so. Today's plot: After upgrading from 2009.0 to 2009.1 (using the graphical online applet, worked very nicely and announced a successful upgrade at the end), and rebooting the computer, I got a black screen, instead of the login screen. Reboot. This time, from the Grub I chose running in safe mode, ran drakx11 and chose graphical driver "Intel 810" instead of "Intel 810 or later" (I have IBM X30). Then I disabled Composite and 3-d effects. Desktop now runs normally. But when I bring those two features back from the MCC, after login I do get 3-d effects, but the windows have no decorators (or borders), and instead of the AWN deskbar and Google gadgets (I have a hideous taste, I know, spare me) I get only white stripes. Which makes me think something is wrong with the composite extension, only I have no clue what. Going back to the "Intel 810 or later" driver brings back the black screen. I know the missing decorators issue was raised here many times before, but in the search I made I didn't find a solution to my problem. If I missed it I'll be grateful if you throw in the link. Does anyone have a closure to this story? Thanks!
  20. Just follow the instructions. The upgrade is done through GUI, not consloe.
  21. It's not that the install itself is more secure, it's just that if you upgrade through the network and then in the middle of the procedure your network hangs up accidentally, you may encounter some problems. So it really depends on how much your connection is reliable. I upgraded before through the CD's (equivalent to DVD, only different media) and in general it worked very well. Maybe there were minor tweakings had to be done after the upgrade, but nothing serious or difficult. So I recommend using the DVD option (which I'm downloading right now), but it's a matter of personal perference (as you can see from the various answers posted here).
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