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  1. Where does amarok save graphic equalizer settings? thanks
  2. aussiejohn it'd great if it works!
  3. thanks jkerr82508 I tried: [cat /proc/asound/cards You will see something like this, depending on your hardware: 0 [V8237 ]: VIA8237 - VIA 8237 VIA 8237 with CMI9761 at 0xe400, irq 18 1 [Phone ]: USB-Audio - VoIPvoice USB Phone PDT VoIPvoice USB Phone at usb-0000:00:10.0-1, full speed The sound device names are in the square brackets. In KDE Control Centre -> Sound and Multimedia -> Sound System -> Hardware -> Select the audio device:"Advanced Linux Sound Architecture". Activate the "Override device location:" and insert hw:V8237 (use hw: followed by the name of the device that you want KDE to use) into the corresponding text field. Click Apply and re-start the KDE sound system.] I learnt that there HAS to be a space between hw: & the name of the usb sound card, but it still didn't work! I thought it would. --- I now have the sound card working! The exact details of what I did I put in here In the Mandriva Control Centre, in the hardware section it will list the onboard/current sound card as snd-hda-intel(which is sound card 0) & the usb card as snd-usb-audio(which is sound card 1). Your /etc/modprobe.conf file should have an entry called alias sound-slot-0 snd-hda-intel I typed in: vi modprobe.conf pressed i & changed it: alias sound-slot-0 snd-usb-audio & before this line, I put: alias sound-card-0 snd-usb-audio I then pressed the ESCAPE key & :wq (to save & exit) after logging off & on again the card worked! card 1 & 0 have swapped in kmix & the volume control. I can record from microphone using the PCM control, but I have no line-in & cd setting!
  4. I use the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Roadie-the card has a built-in microphone. it plugs in the usb slot. http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php...v1.0.11_v1.0.12 has an entry for the card. I tried other usb ports but that didn't work. kmix lists the card, as does kinfocentre, but lists it as vendor unknown. http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php...odule-usb-audio talks about changing the /etc/modules.conf file in its "Setting up modprobe and kmod support" section. I don't have this file but I do have /etc/modprobe.conf which I modified, but this didn't work.
  5. how to use amarok on usb sound card? also the Mandriva sound recorder software(called the gnome-sound-recorder). I can use the usb sound card with audacity's /dev/dsp1 setting. the card has a built-in microphone. I disabled my onboard sound card in the bios but I still got no sound from amarok through the usb sound card.
  6. Thanks. I can use the Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB MarkII without doing anything further? You using the Turtle Beach Audio Advantage roadie or Micro? If the roadie, is the built-in mic good enough for cd quality recordings? With a usb sound card, does linux only use OSS or can it use alsa? Someone said theirs used oss. Why did that person have to change their modprobe file?
  7. Someone reviewed the imic & said that Linux recognises the device, but at the time of writing(nov06) the only supported input is Mono Microphone. I need it for a stereo microphone! www.softwaredesign.co.uk/information.SoundCards.html tells how they installed the Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB MarkII, which uses instructions at www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Module-usb-audio which says copy and paste some lines on that page to the bottom of the /etc/modules.conf file in the 'Setting up modprobe' section. I have a modprobe.conf file but not /etc/modules.conf. What do I do?
  8. One easy answer to getting stereo sound into a pc: Griffin iMic USB Microphone Audio Adapter(pictured above) See http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/product_info....products_id/182 £30, US$40 reviews here & here (US buy from www.turntablelab.com/production_tools/0/0/779.html or http://computers.pricegrabber.com/other-multimedia/m/559269/ (Australia http://www.streetwise.com.au/product_info....products_id=431) All you have to do is make sure you're recording software is configued to record from "USB Sound device" rather than your sound card, so how would that work in linux? WAIT! If you have a 800mhz PC: Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Roadie(sometimes called the new name SRM) USB Sound Card with built-in stereo microphone US$50(inc post), £66 info here & here review here, here, here, here & here manual here(5 Mb)
  9. I'm looking for a good quality noise cancelling microphone, either usb or line-in. I read reviews of the Logitech USB Desktop Microphone & the Samson Q1U - Dynamic USB Microphone. In windows no special software is needed. I need it to record a speech audio cd. I have a portable voice recording mp3 player that records at 4bit 32000hz mono.
  10. Thanks. The first file was 30Mb non-compressed. I downloaded the rest compressed. (Steve Scrimpshir - I know all about FEMA from FEMA HORROR)
  11. I have seen http://easyurpmi.zarb.org Any way of downloading files & copying them before installation? If so, I use Mandriva 2007. will the files work for future Mandriva's? I downloaded the first file using the "urpmi.addmedia main rsync://ftp.esat.net/ftp/pub/linux/mandrakelinux/official/2007.0/i586/media/main/release with media_info/hdlist.cz" command as instructed from the above website - how do I get a copy of it?
  12. I tried /dev/cdrom & it worked! /dev/hdc is the hard drive, not the CD.
  13. In the settings, in the engine tab, my CD is at /mnt/cdrom. I use 1.4 & get an error when using CDs.
  14. Mandriva 2007: I had sound quality problems for ages. I eventually reduced the line-in setting in kmix & it worked. The level you set it at affects the volume of the sound in media players. Before using audacity to record with, in kmix I had to set the line's green button on, the headphone & front buttons yellow, the capture & the mixer buttons to red. I could then record, but the recording had a loud background screech, so I used Mandriva's basic sound recorder. The audacity rpm is an OSS version. There is an audacity alsa version which people can download & compile. I had problems compiling anything including lame & would get an error like "no acceptable C compiler found in $PATH". If you look in the Mandriva control centre, you'll see its list of software. In the development section, in "C", there is a file called gcc(tick it) which you need installed from the dvd. In the "Other" section is "make" which is needed too. I foresee a problem: there is an online radio interview which will probably take longer than its 1 hour time slot, so what they do is to offer it as an mp3 archive(David Icke at www.towardthelight.org on 21Oct 07 10PM British summer time, 9PM GMT. More interviews at www.newsforthesoul.com/icke.htm). So I need to download the second half of it. If you have this problem, use your downloader software/tab to download a small bit of it, close it, use the appropriate software to edit a similar file so it takes up half the volume of the file you want, swap this for the first & rename it, then you can continue the download! If it's an mp3 it has to be the same bit rate. (www.newsforthesoul.com/icke.htm needs Realplayer. Download this from www.real.com/linux 5Mb. It can stream mp3 & can display how long the audio lasts. Rename it to realp.bin Open a console in the file manager(e.g. konqueror) in the folder with realplayer, type: su Press Return. Then your password. Type chmod a+x realp.bin (case sensitive) ./realp.bin (start install) specify directory: /usr/local/realplayer It's then in the multimedia part of start menu.)
  15. The files were zip/tar files around 1Mb size. There's no options for turning things off. It is GUI.
  16. I didn't realize that Mandriva 2007 had antivirus software until I right-clicked a file & found it in Actions. I ran Clamav. It found several viruses. I used the file manager & saw that it put them into the quarantine folder .klamav/quarantine in /home, as I had chosen. It then gave an error message saying it couldn't put them there! When I looked in the quarantine tab to see its contents, there were none there. I then changed to another quarantine folder. Are they in quarantine or not? By changing to another folder does this affect any viruses in the old quarantine folder? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  17. I tried reducing the volume control but it made no difference. I didn't use kmix. On ubuntu/knoppix the sound is louder & clearer. I tried using alsa & oss.
  18. I use a realtek alc660. The sound when playing mp3s is a bit muffled. I use Amorak.
  19. On Ubuntu & knoppix I've found my sound quality is better than man2007? Is there a fix?
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