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  1. WOW you try a WHOLE lot harder that I do. to be honest i have had a LOT of the same issues you have, so i went the simple route. I ALWAYS remaster to a FAT32 drive when i'm using minime. with MCNL I could remaster to almost ANYTHING, but having run into the same issues you did, when fat32 worked for me i just stuck with it. as for the ISO, if you'll PM me I'll shoot you a link to where i put the ISO yesterday, its an HTTP download so its not fast but it works. this is the LAST iso i remastered, I have been working on a few other things, but havent re rolled them yet. j
  2. i;m not sure i understand your bad news? typically what i do with minime when i remaster, i plug in a small (60gb) usb hd that I have. it is ONLY partitioned as fat32, and although I do have to mount it everytime (you can "folder view" it as soon as you plug it in, but in order to write it you have to mount it") it works awesome. now as i may have mentioned i have moved around some of the scripts in my minime. i used the ones from PDL and took what i liked and added them to minime. if you would like a copy of an ISO I'm using I can FTP it to you if you have a site. its a CD and i believe its only 300+mb. as for root logins, yeah you mention it in any general linux forum and you'll get 900 replies damning your soul to everlasting hell for even considering the thought. typically by folks who have been living off the linux CLI for decades. they seem to forget that us windows converts havent seen a cli since 1998. if i recall, there is actually a file in MDV that must have a change made in order to allow ROOT logins. minime allows them right from the start. I guess tex realized what a stupid fight it was. j
  3. excellent, i'll give that a try. like i said when the 'tools ' pop up and i choose the x everything crashes didnt notice the other option, now i need to go look for it
  4. issue resolved. the ACTUAL problem i was having, and its pretty stupid, is that when i went to reconfigure the linksys i forgot to UNPLUG it from the 2wire. see the 2 wire has a "smoke screen" hardwaired in, that as soon as it senses another router it assigns it a DMZ. so all I REALLY had to do was, unplug the cat5 from between the linksys and the 2 wire. reset the linksys (that took a while too), then turn OFF dhcp in the linksys, set the linksys to a STATIC ip address that was available from the 2 wire, SAVE it all. (heres the biggie) and THEN plug a straight cat5 from an open port on the 2 wire, to a REGULAR port on the linksys (not the internet/uplink port) of course NOW that all THAT is running, I need to go get another HUB, since its in a regular port in the linksys, all 4 of my ports are full, and i still have one pc getting LEFT OUT! THASNKS FOR EVERYONES HELP! J
  5. Paul, I know youre probably NOT going to like this answer, but to be honest my MOST successful method of completely personalizing MCNL is to get a small old pc and install MCNL to the hard drive and work from there. MCNL will successfully remaster from there and as above once you get something setup, you wont have to lose it just because you reboot. this will make installing your JAVA MUCH easier 2 direct comments 1) for your java issue: have you tried logging in as root, installiong java there and then IMMEDIATELY remastering it? I'll be honest, when i get involved in a project like this i typically go by a 50 or 100 pack of blank cd's and just realize i'm going to use a LOT of them. I've burned up to 6 different re masters in a single day. just becsause I kept remastering things. 2) in all you comments about your NTFS drive I never heard you mention going into mcc and mounting them that way? It may be a pain but it works! Also in that same vein do you have ntfs3g installed/? I dont remember it being a default install on MCNL. something ELSE you may try. get an ISO of MDV2007.1, install it VERY sparsely, but with EVERYTHING you want it to have, on an old test bed pc, then follow my step by steos to remsater from THAT. the ONLY reason I'm not still using that method at home is because I need ROSEGARDEN, and there is something in that, that overwrites part of the remaster scripts. Otherwise I outgre CD's a LONG time ago and moved to DVD's my recommendation for THAT is to MAKE sure your main partition NEVER exceepds 3.9GB. for SOME reason, even with good compression, the ISO's NEVER load properly after that. j
  6. a little more comples (for me anyway) question about my network setup. I have a 2wire gateway/router from my phone company acting as my DSL modem router. this thing is VERY delicate to say the least (this is the 3rd one in 6 months) so I REALLY dont want to change those settings if i dont have to. Its a basic 4 port router along with a G wireless setup that plugs into the DSL line and gets my static IP address. plugged into THAT (hardwired) about 200 feet away in my garage is my linksys 300 N series router. I know N isnt an standard yet, but I do get better wireless range from it, PLUS it adds 4 more ports out in the garage for my pc's out there. When I was running cable it was no biggie, it all came into the linksys and all was good. however, now that I have the 2wire on the front end, it has assigned the linksys a completely DIFFERENT ip address (different range even from the 4 pc'd connected TO the 4 wire. Therefore the pc's in the garage are on the 209.26.150.X net and everything IN the house is on 10.0.0.X net. All is well and good, UNTIL i want tp VNC/NX into a PC in the garage. I can get in, from outside the house on the internet, to any PC in the house, but getting to anything in the garage (my pc's) is virtually impossible as far as I can get to work. I found some instructions at linksys.com that tell me to turn OFF DHCP and NAT in the 300N, and in THEORY, it would turn the 300N into an old style "hub" unfortunately all that did was kill all network connections to the garage. let me try and draw it out: INTERNET----->2WIRE------------->Linksys300N (209.26.150.X)---------->4 other pc's(209/26.150.x) |________>4 PC inside the house(10.0.0.X) I hope that helps, and I REALLY hope I can get this done. VNC is REALLY slow, and NX cant get through the linksys the way it is now, PLUS i cant get to the pc's i REALLY want to get to in the garage. j [moved from Hardware by spinynorman]
  7. now that is interesting is folderview, something in the MCC that can be turned off or do you do that in the KDE control? j
  8. I just upgraded the wides pc to 2009 stable. everything seems to be going fine. I DID install kde3.5 because its what shes used to, however she is growing accustomed to KDE4. her question to me, which i now pass to all of you. Smack dab in the middle of the screen is what appears to be a "ghost" of a desktop. she's running at 1024x768 and this ghost is probaby 640x480 and, for example, you download an RPM and SAVE it instead of doing a direct install, it SAVES to the GHOST as opposed to the HOME folder like it used to. if you hover you mouse you will see a light "toolbar" running down the side and if the "ghost" is empty and you choose the (to close or delete the ghost) the "desktop " chrashes and you geta terminate message from MDV. She has asked me about it, and although I have done some "light" reading about KDE4 and some of its changes I havent seen this exact item addressed, or I just missed it. in guessing about it, I would say that its a new type of 'desktop' that is plasmoid driven, and that if you kill IT you are killing part of your desktop in your windows manager? anyone have a better explanation? I hate guessing and she hates not knowing thanks j
  9. sounds like you may not have NTFS support missing. the exact name of the file escapes me but someone here will remember it. plus even though you can "see" it in koqueror, you have to make sure you go into MCC and mount it. j
  10. i had forgotten about NX. I'm using vnc through 2 firewalls and a few routers and it is VERY slow. think i'll try NX and see how it works. j
  11. WOW thanks for that heads up thats the MAIN selling point for me for the ULPC's their boot speed. thats why teh HD versions dopnt seem much value to me
  12. honestly the ONLY reason i point folks to PCLOS minime08 is because the hw detection is better if you have new stuff. if your hw is more than 2 years old, PDL or MCNL will do much better. however you could ALSO try PCLOS07 thats a complete OS with LOTS of apps installed. it boots as a live CD 1st so you can see if it has what you need before you install it. but yes, on MOST of my older hw I am running MCNL and loving it i even teach a class from it. J
  13. i've bounced back and forth on these ultra minis since the eee701 came out, and like our original poster i keep hitting the cool factor of the SSDD and the speed, VS the size limit on the one hand windows NEEDS all that size, on the other hand i'm a data junky. heres the aspire 1 intel atom proc 1.6ghz 533 FSB 512MB upgradable to 1.5gb 8.9" wsvga 1024*600 8GB flash or 120gb hd multi card storage reader built in speaker and mic, UNK sound source wlan wireless G, lab 10/100 Linpus Lite Linux or Windows XP unfortunately for me by the time i get them configured where i want them they are as much or more than a trad laptop w/ 15" screen 3GB ram 120GB hd etc. the only advantage (for me) is they are lighter. all in all they are still toys, so i havet bought any of them yet. j
  14. so your using tightVNC as your VNC viewer? what do you have setup as your server? is tehre a firewall involved? have you tried in a java enabled browser http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5900 ? j
  15. do you know WHICH vnc package youre trying to use? REALVNC? TINYVNC? as far as i know there are about a half dozen different ones out there, but the only one that I have ever really cared for is REALVNC http://www.realvnc.com/products/free/4.1/index.html matter of fact i just set it up the other day in a bid to get around a corp firewall. Works GREAT and the only thing to "know" is when you 1st execute it, its asks whether you want it as a server or viewer. BTW, TYPICALLY you dont need a viewer. most java enabled browsers work fine by using IPADDRESS:PORT The only caveat to that one is going through my DSL router, for that I need the viewer. J
  16. I've seen that a LOT every single time it was due to a bad cd burn. however, since it a;ppears that you are encountering this when you are running it from your USB drive (is that rght?) if that so, the error will generally mean that not all the files were copied to the USB drive. I dont know WHY that happens, but it IS irritating although i looked at that version of PDL, I actually used this one: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/02/13/pe...l-from-windows/ i think there are file missing in the AIO version j
  17. there were several persist scripts used in mcnl and the early ones didnt work very well you have 2 simple choices (i'm working now on updating the scripts) 1 - boot from another linux OS, insetr your usb stick and mount it, then search for syslinux.cfg and delete the part of the liveusb line that says changes =/mnt/dev/sda2 (that may not be exact but its close) , reboot, insert the usb , boot from that, create your persist file, reboot from another linux oem put those changes back. this will only work if you have repartitioned your usb such that a 2nd partition is present and is mounted as /dev/sda2 2- OR go to www.pendrivelinux.com and follow the instructions for using PDL08. obviously #2 is MUCH easier, and pdl is a direct copy of MCNL unfortunatley making those persistent is a lot of workm and many of the scripts out there today were all created by cgris (who is retired) and modfied by highking. PDL is a great remaster and MCNL has LOTS of info at www.mcnlive.org, www.mandrivaclub.nl but chris its primary author retired about a year ago. there are currently 2 folks trying to update the whole thing.....
  18. I'll PM you, but in case there are others wondering i thought I would post here as well. I have started looking at pendrivelinux (which appears to be basically mcnl 2007.1 refaced) and PCLOS 2008 minime and I see your name in both remaster scripts however, the scripts are , obviously, not interchangable maybe you can answer a few questons i've always wondered. 1) Why the change from zenity to kdialogs? 2) is PCLOS 2008 actually closer to 2008 than 2007.1? I note a newer Kernal, but lipstick on a pig still makes it a pig the question gets asked in the PCLOS forum a lot but i've never seen a clear answer i really am trying to learn for my class, so anything you can point me to i'm eager to learn. i have found some base info on zenity and kdialogs, i just havent had the chance to go through it all. thanks j
  19. i'm not really interested in 3d, i dont even use that on my desktop.
  20. sounds pretty cool, actually I have one of the artigo kits marked in my EBAY watch. now i just need an extra $300 to fall from the sky..... since what i'm really wanting is a simplistic car PC to act as a HUGE mp3 player, it sounds like it would be perfect. I'll probably use "wolvix" as thats what I have running on my Via C3 pc now. Its the best distro I could find to run that machine. Because as you suggested, the linux/graphics issues drive me up the WALL. J
  21. well since i cant get to mcc, I'll have to try them at the boot level :) j
  22. cool thanks for the advice so my ram is good, now i wonder why my screen blanks after tyhe initial choices screeb?
  23. i'm having an issue so i thought I'd run memtest the system is an AMD athalon 1200 with 100MHZ FSB and 133 ddr ram. i Started running memtest when i went to bed and 6 hours later it was on test 7 reported NO errors, but I was just wondering if it should be taking that long. i realize the pc isnt a speed demon but i'll use it as a server as long as i can! j
  24. now that you have it recognized my advice comes a little late, but 2 things I would have suggested would be: check your 3g-ntfs installation and make sure its in there. the other thing is, from the termnial type df enter and see what it shows? typically you would get ANOTHER SDX representation, as opposed to an HDX representation (like a traditional HD) just in case you have other issues. your modem is it USB or pcmcia or built in? I had GREAT luck with my modems and wireless cards using the following site: http://www.linuxant.com/driverloader/?PHPS...84da5dfefb7767e its basically an app that automatically configures your NDISWARPPER for modems and eternet cards, but I hadTERRIBLE times trying to do it myself. The best part is that the applicatiion binds itself to your cards hardware, meaning your $20 isnt wasted. I've used mine on 3 different laptops that I use my pcmcia card in and even have it installed in an MCNL remaster
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