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  1. U.S. Department of Labor data suggest that systems analysts and software engineers comprise two of the fastest-growing six job categories through 2016. With 80 percent growth in Linux job postings over the last five years, according to the Linux Foundation, it could well be that these categories will be dominated by Linux geeks. More at CNET News.
  2. Fabrice Facorat has compiled a list of community-based Mandriva derivatives at www.linux-wizard.net.
  3. It's in this forum because you want software to access a portable device. The software forum is for general applications that don't belong anywhere else. :)
  4. Development plans and the release schedule for Mandriva 2010 Spring are here.
  5. Looking forward to pork pie and boiled bacon...

  6. I have the DG834G (with wireless switched off) - had no problems. :)
  7. Try this from the command line: su [root password] kill -9 1249 rm -f /var/lib/urpmi/.LOCK rm -f /var/lib/urpmi/.RPMLOCK
  8. Below the Edit box, where it says Attachments, click the Choose button, navigate to the file, then Attach This File.
  9. You'll have to upload your image - you can't post with an internal address... :)
  10. One week ago, Mandriva Cooker, which will lead to version 2010 Spring in about 6 months, was opened again. In 8 days, this has resulted in almost 1100 package updates. Frederik's Blog highlights some noteworthy changes.
  11. No new reports, but Software issues have been reorganised into General, Kde, Gnome, and Firefox. See original post.
  12. Google has open-sourced an experimental programming language that attempts to crossbreed a dynamic web-happy language like Python with a compiled language like C++. "There is a growing rebellion against cumbersome type systems like those of Java and C++, pushing people towards dynamically typed languages such as Python and JavaScript, [but] some fundamental concepts such as garbage collection and parallel computation are not well supported by popular systems languages," the company says. More at The Register.
  13. It appears that Microsoft has just patented sudo, a personalized version of it - so says Groklaw.
  14. Microsoft has pulled a Windows 7 media and administration tool from the Microsoft Store site for apparently violating the GPL. The company yanked ImageMaster after Within Windows blogger Rafael Rivera spotted the disc reading and burning tool was a CodePlex project licensed under GPLv2. More at The Register.
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