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  1. thanks for that ndiswrapper is there i typed ndiswrapper -i /path/to/windows/inf and it came backcouldnt copy ect so i typed in ndiswrapper -i /path/to/cd/inf and it told me inf allready installed use e to remove it the thing is its not detecting my wireless card . Any advice thanks in advance
  2. I have finnally managed to install suse on my laptop only i have 1 problem i installed ndiswrapper using the suse disk how do i find it so a can at least attempt to install the windows driver for my wireless card and hope it works thanks in advance [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  3. thanks Ixthusdan the power off comand worked a treat i will just use that untill i know enough about mandriva to start messing about with it and trying to sort out problem i know nothing about thanks
  4. thanks i finally done it but they dont work only god knows why the ones i install just turn everything black thanks
  5. well thank 4 the help but i am still none the wiser ive DL some more themes tell me to place them here /home/user/.kde/share/applnk/.hidden (where's that) and 1 here /usr/share/apps/kicker/pics i'm totally lost unlike windows linux will not show me the root drive it shows me my windows partitions but not the one mandriva is installed on so i'm still stuck any advice thanks in advance
  6. When i got to shut Mandriva down ie turn the pc off it seem to hang it leaves me with a blue screen with a black x which is the mouse icon whats wrong? thanks in advance [moved from Installing Mandriva by spinynorman]
  7. the first and only 1 i DL came with instructions but i have only been using mandriva since saturday so you can see the predicament i'm in all i need is a simple walk through as i have no clue as what to do here is the 1 i DL http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=153 thanks in advance
  8. Ok as i am very new to linux i was wondering how to apply themes that i have DL from certain linux dedicated theme sites all the themes come in tar.gz format i am currently using mandriva thanks in advance
  9. true very true it is hard to grasp coming from a winduz enviroment (started with 98) just looked on ebay so if its any good i will buy it and remove xp of the laptop keep mandriva on the tower and install linspire on the laptop which is what i wanted in the first place a linux distro on my most used pc thanks ps still might look @ a new wireless card that can work with a free linux distro first (i'm not tight just got bored of windows and viruses, spyware progs hackers ect)
  10. Ive looked a demon not some time ago and bulldog madasafish ect and there either not available in my area or there's a DL limit just think this week alone ive DL suse live/full, mandriva live/full, ubuntu live/full as i write this i am DL linspire live also linux xp the latter 2 i dont think i will use fully or keep so i need a ISP with no caps well at least untill i can figure out linux BT are doing a good offer of 40gig a month DL limit which aint bad once ive finished DL different linux distros thanks ps if linux is free whow come linspire choose to charge? (lets hope not all linux distros go the same way)
  11. i will look for torrent software for linux soon and AOL i have to agree with you is the worst ISP and i am looking for another ISP but with broadband there r so many to choose from thinking of going to BT (uk) ill post here on how i get on with the software thanks
  12. software like flash or drivers and torrent client software like bitcomet (if there is a version for linux) or wine that i was reading about
  13. will that help me install software that was inteded for windows but also writen for linux
  14. ok thanks for that i think i have got it all sorted out, well i am online now just got to figuer out how to install software thanks a lot
  15. OK i think i have it working but on the signal strength i only have 1 bar i go to configure it and my wep key is in lower case i change it to upper and after i press ok it resets it to lower case and in order for it to connect i need the wep keys to be in upper case is ther a way of setting it so the wep keys stay uppercase thanks in advance
  16. Ok after a lot of searching on the net i think i may of found the right driver for my belkin F5D7000 wireless network card i installed it using ndiswrapper now i have a little window called network & internet configuration its asking for a host name (what do i type in) DNS server 1 has ( typed in by default at the bottom i have chosen wlan0: broadcom corp. |BCM94306 802.11g NIC as my wireless card is there any one out ther who can easly walk me through this process as i have been @ it for quite a while thanks in advance ps i use aol as my isp
  17. I have tried suse live mandriva live and installed ubuntu live (just waiting on delivery of full package) i have installed mandriva fully debian that failed compleatly on both PC's and they all freeze up if the wireless card is in the pc or inserted once there up and running ive tried linux xp desktop on the pc (failed probably cos its on a cdrw) about to try it on the laptop i know a lot of probs on the laptop are caused by the wireless card and as for the make of the wireless card the best i can tell you is its made by texas instruments AboCom Systems, Inc. - Networking - 802.11g Wireless MiniPCI Card Date last published: 3/16/2005 Texas Instruments network software update released on December 01 2004. that is what i get of MS updates about it i will keep on trying other linux OS until i get one on the laptop and xp off thanks
  18. Is there any linux os that will run on my laptop every one i try seems to failthey all work on my tower but i am stuffed if i know how to configer it fo the internet
  19. thanks 4 that i finally got it on by letting it partition my D drive into 2 partitions not tried it out as my wireless card no doubt will continue to cause me no end of problems thanks ps whats best under mandriva wireless or external broadband modem
  20. thanks ive done that and this is what i got ETHERNET CARD BCM94306 802.11g NIC VENDER: Broadcom corp DESCRIPTION: BCM94306 802.11g NIC MEDIA CLASS: Network other CONNECTION BUS :PCI BUS: PCI#:0 PCI DEVICE#:12 PCI FUNCTION#:0 VENDOR ID:5348 DEVICE ID: 17184 SUB VENDOR ID:6041 SUB DEVICE ID:28672 MISC MODULE UNKNOWN. When i run iwcongig it tells me there is no wireless card i have tried using ndiswrapper to install drivers of the insterlation disk but that don't work either any help or hint please thanks in advance
  21. I have successfully installed mandriva linux on my tower but how can i tell if it has found my BELKIN F5D7000 wireless card and if it has installed a driver for it? If it has not installed a driver does any one know where i can DL one from thanks in advance
  22. thank 4 that but i have to use my win xp install to access the net i have just again tried to do an install and it froze due to my wireless card (which it seems to do every time) then when i point it to the D:\ drive for the install it formats then resizes it and still informs me i only have 256mb of space to install the OS on any reason why? thanks in advance
  23. i partitioned my HD with partition magic as an NTF file system i have given the correct model as i had to flash the bios in case of a problem there i will try what you have advised thanks
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