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  1. wow ian... thanks for the explanation. I will try them about Tuesday... I will post here my result Ok? Thanks a lot Meanwhile, I have troubles accessing my website using Squid proxy. It suddenly becomes slower and slower, but if I direct my clients to Wingate, it runs flawlessly... I actually haven't done anything to Squid, how come it becomes slower? Any idea, ian?
  2. ian, do you have a YM or something like that? I wanna ask more bout my linux ;))
  3. ... thanks a lot ian... sorry to trouble u...
  4. uhh the squidguard's website is down... any other site?
  5. hmm I'll check it out and back with the results. Thanks
  6. hmm.. okay i'm not sure what are my mistakes so here it goes: 1. I want my clients can't access some websites using "Sex" or "porn" words... 2. I want my clients can't access the EXACT site www.xxx.com how do i apply that on squid? I used url_regex.. but I can still access what I denied. Strange here's my configuration: 1. acl denied_phrase url_regex "/etc/squid/denied_phrase" I created a file in /etc/squid called denied_phrase vi /etc/squid/denied_phrase I typed: sex porn bla bla bla service squid restart... when I tried to access some sites that contain those words, i can still access them... why is that? 2. I don't know what to use... help... Thanks a lot
  7. Solved. Thanks ian... btw, have u used Frox?
  8. uh still can't do... when i ./configure, it shows: missing automake, missing aclocal, missing autoconf, missing autoheader... is this effecting? coz even though i succeed in make and make install, i can't type frox... it shows nothing... Thanks
  9. so, i remove the configuration into how, ian? - /etc/named.conf: zone "[what's in this]" in { type master; file "db.[what's in this]"; allow-update {none;}; }; zone "9.168.192.in-addr.arpa" in{ type master; file "rev.[what's in this]"; allow-update {none;}; }; - db.e-doc.co: @IN NS NS1.[what's in this] @IN NS NS2.[what's in this] e-document in A
  10. edit the DNS config? where? remove from where? i don't quite understtand... do i remove it in /etc/named.conf?
  11. yes i've checked them and i've made sure that it's just installed good.. uh i'm having a headache towards this... :(
  12. uh i've tried to find what's wrong. but still can't find it...
  13. err..ian, i want to omit the doc.co so, i enter the directory as : e-document. is that so? i want to enter e-document so it will direct to e-document.doc.co thanks. i'll try it...
  14. ian, here's the result: gcc-4.0.1.-5mdk gcc-cpp-4.0.1-5mdk libgcc-1-4.0.1-5mdk so? am i missing something?
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