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  1. A waste of effort, IMHO.

    4.4.0 is very, very close, so why packaging 400+ MB which will be obsolete within ten days?


    4.3.5 is a bug fx release, 4.4.0 will be a new release with new bugs but neoclust has also packaged 4.4.0 for mandriva 2010.0 if you are adventurous, I actually did try it, I didn't encounter many bugs but too many of the new features drove me to insanity...popups and tooltips everywhere, windows maximizing at random, the desktop going to some overview mode with miniature windows at random and still basic functionality missing since kde4 has made me switch to gnome

  2. I would remove all your sources NOW because cooker is unfrozen en 2010 packages are in the repos. If you updated regulary and used mirrorlist it should automatically switch but to make sure go to configure your sources and remove them all to avoid key problems


    from cooker mailing list today


    I'll explain how the above variables in mirrorlists are expanded:


    $RELEASE and $ARCH are filled by information from release file.

    # cat /etc/release

    Mandriva Linux release 2009.1 (Official) for x86_64


    With above line they become:




    Note that $RELEASE always becomes "cooker" when /etc/release contains

    "(Cooker)" instead of "(Official)".


    $MIRRORLIST is filled by information from product.id (with format


    # cat /etc/product.id





    With above line it becomes:


  3. squashfs-lzma-kernel-desktop586-latest-3.3-1.20090421.10mdv2009.1












    these you could remove, they are for running on the live-cd and/or in virtualbox but you could leave them too

  4. Just a little correction: the current kde3 packages are entirely community work. Mandriva doesn't have the resources to do them. So a user called Neoclust stepped up and made them. They have no official support whatsoever and will be dropped from 2010.


    Neoclust makes all mdv kde packages anyway, has been for years.

  5. I've just VM'ed it in the latest VMWare WS. Fresh installation from the "boot" netinstall ISO. I installed XFCE4, with a minimal set of apps.

    It's so much snappier and faster than Xubuntu 9.04, that the hype about the latter should be considered a placebo effect rather than a mere hype...

    Plus- Xubuntu has some rather serious issues with ext4 and the default kernel ( On Mandy everything is running perfectly well.

    I had to patch vmware to build the modules needed for kernel 2.6.29, but actually this is no surprise- I've done the same in my host as well (also running 2.6.29).

    So far the only thing that annoys me is urpmi (frontend) which is still as crappy as it has always been- but everything else is really great. Thumbs up from me.

    All variants of ubuntu always run considerably slower than mdv for me but than again ubuntu runs much faster than opensuse...intrepid ibex was so painfully slow though that I really didnt use it at all...

  6. I would first check to see if pulse is running:


    ps aux | grep pulse





    if it runs try changing the volume in the apps themselves a bit, I have noticed the sound sometimes is muted even though volume is high. If this doesn't work, disable glitch free.

  7. My only thought vs Mandriva is: Does MDV support nvidia drivers out of the box?

    If it does, then there is really no difference between the two distros from a desktop users point of view.


    ermm this is a joke or you meant to say Does ubuntu support nvidia drivers out of the box?, right? No seriously because previously you would always need to hunt for nvidia drivers on ubuntu, since 8.10 has dkms it's a little better but it's still no mandriva (I have never seen a driver upgrade in ubuntu, never, whilst in mdv I always have the latest drivers without hassles)

    for many years mdv has installed proprietary driver out of the box for one and powerpack whilst ubuntu only gave free drivers....

  8. Notifications are intended as nothing more than a manner of informing the user that something happened, that they may not be aware of. Once it tells you, they should disappear (after a set amount of time). This is how most notification systems I've seen have worked. Unfortunately, they all suck in that they have no flood control (that I've seen) - i.e., in OS X, if I'm uploading files via Cyberduck and my connection dies I get a screen full of errors (one for each file that fails) from Cyberduck via Growl.


    Hence, for me, notifications get turned off until someone (not it) does a better implementation.

    Which is sort of my point if I cant do anything about dont bother (youare not bothering because you turned notifications of completely). 


    Anyway to repeat linux has a fairly decent notification system, why change it,to something which has less features (and probably more bugs) than the present system. 

  9. So because it doesn't conform to your standards, it must be set by default with no notifications and one panel at the bottom and no top panel? :huh:


    I am saying Ubuntu's notifications suck big time compared to the default gnome and I hope it will never make it into gnome or worse as a freedesktop.org standard. Notifications need to be interactive, else do not bother with them.

  10. Well it is a problem when you have a small ultrawide screen and I don't like top panels period





    Perhaps you should look into GNOME's settings for the notification service. It seems the problem is there, not with Ubuntu


    This is per design, just as the fact that they are non-interactive, those are just about the only notifications I don't want to see


    Another thing: they seem to have ripped out the functionality to switch between mutliple sound devices out of the volume applet, I can see it on upstream screenshots and it's there in mdv

  11. I changed to a single bottom panel setup, instead of the space wasting 2 panel setup, I moved the notification area but the notification seem hardcoded (or some pretty hidden config) to appear in the default top right.


    It has nothing to do with pidgin either, this is by design and a very annoying design, I really hope this gets dropped and instead libnotify gets some live to make them look nicer... 

  12. I hate the new notification system though, They appear on the wrong part of the screen (top right, whilst my noticiation area is bottom right), I cant seem to click them away, so they are just there blocking my view. When using pidgin, it isnt possible to see the network status because pidgin notifications are appearing, clicking on pidgin notifications does nothing...who thought of this stupid system...it is a serious usability regression...

  13. Aaron Seigo has sort off admitted that the notification for filecopying was rather flawed, atm they are looking at reverting to 4.1 behaviour of try to keep the notification open longer but imho such a big flaw should have been fixed with the first possible update and not be discussed/looked into...

  14. I don't think that is it David, but I can't honestly be sure. Firstly the guy in the post seems to have put something to do with Nvidia into skip.list. Both my skip.list files are empty. Secondly he seems to run a test install every time, I have never done that, I just jump in! Thirdly in his test install he seems to have got some error messages - I didn't (but then neither did he when he installed it for real).


    Part of the problem is that I don't really understand the function of the multitude of modules relating to nvidia, and dkms that Mandriva seems to carry - there seem to be so many, and being a simple soul, installing the driver for myself is a damn sight easier than trying to work out what is going wrong with the automatic method :unsure:


    It's a she ;) and it's definitively not the same bug, in fact the bug reported in that thread isn't even a bug, the built bots just need time to build a non-essential package.


    But I already said here, go to IRC and speak with Anssi

  15. No.


    Firstly it is too complicated, secondly it is usually a waste of effort and thirdly from what I have read on the forum I am the only one affected by this.

    my suggestion is to take this up with Anssi on the mandriva-cooker irc channel; he is on military service, so not always at the computer but when he is there quick to reply and submit fixes...

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