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  1. All Applications in App menu disappeared

    Let me try that.
  2. All Applications in App menu disappeared

    I've alread tried that. Even Root's aplications are missing. I cant create a new root account, can I? Besides,It's missing even in xfce4 and Gnome. [EDIT: It only works on KDE. KDE takes a lot of memory though, so can anyone help me get my Gnome and XFCE menu back?]
  3. I I tried to install OpenOffice from the Mandriva update mirrors today, and failed, the package had a bad signature and was corrupt. Then I decided to install the latest version of wine from their rpm. I installed it, but it wouldnt appear under emulators in the menu. So I rebooted my computer and when I got back I had no applications. So I went under root to try and fix it and when I used menudrake, the root menu dissapeared as well. The only thing on it is "run application" and nothing else. Can anyone help me?
  4. Soundcard Driver Problems.

    I figure out what's wrong. Something is wrong with my 2.1 speaker system. I figured out what it is. They have a messed up headphone jack. I had my headphones plugged in two nights ago and when I took them out, I forgot to check if the headphone jack had properly dislodged. (It acts as if there's headphones plugged in even though I take them off). I've had this problem for 8 months now, and I forgot that all I had to do was plug my heaaedphones in and out. Boy I feel stupid. Thanks for the help though. Now I know what to do when ALSA breaks. XP
  5. Soundcard Driver Problems.

    Alright. I suppose I should just reinstall every other program that has dependencies on ALSA then... thanks for the help. [EDIT: It stil wont work... I hope its not the speakers... and now XMMS doesnt make any noise when it plays and quits when I use OSS. Now alsaconf and aumix wont work]
  6. Soundcard Driver Problems.

    Here is what it said:
  7. Soundcard Driver Problems.

    Erm Hi again. A couple days ago I wanted to update my sound drivers to work with Auto Zen. Well, at first I installed the oss compatibility module to alsa and it didnt work. I kinda gave up for a while, and hten decided to go to my soundcard maker's site. I downloaded their driver, used the make command to make the install, but it somehow broke. So I had to uninstall ALSA, (and the uninstaller went and uninstalled every other peice of software I had installed, from text editors to audio players) and I reinstalled everything. The drivers for the sound worked for a while. Then I got my new NVIDIA drivers because the OpenGL was slow. But to Install them, I needed a kernel upgrade. I got the new kernel, and compiled the driver for my kernel (thankfully that went off without a hitch ) The sound continued to keep working yesterday until I started Mandriva today. I had to delete the .ICEauthority file because an error message about it popped up when I booted. It hasnt had sound since then (but Root doesnt have sound either). All my groups got deleted, including sound. I've enabled most of them again, but I still have no sound. ALSA is installed, with OSS support, and I've ran alsaconfig a few times after quitting X. All the sound processes are running and nothing is Muted, according to alsamixer, gnome-volume-control, and kmix. I've also tried to use the Install cd to set up the sound- Nothing's worked. Am I gunna have to re-install ALSA and about 80% of all my software? [[Edit: Eh, sometimes I can be kinda dumb! I forgot to mention my card is described as "ICH4 845G/GL Chipset AC'97 Audio Controller" in harddrake.]]
  8. AutoZen OSS problems

    While trying to figure out what's wrong with my OSS mixer, i realized That I had no volume control installed. It turns out gnome-media got installed incorreclty. I downloadead a soure rpm, but it still doesnt work.... let me try installing jack again.
  9. AutoZen OSS problems

    No, I don't think installed JACK.. I'll try and see if that's it. [EDIT: I think I installed it right... I havent actually ever used make and gottten past the config part...] [i typed:] $ ./configure $ make $ su - $ make install [is that correct?] :unsure:
  10. AutoZen OSS problems

    Nah, I'm using Gnome. Let me try on KDE. [edit: It works even less on KDE. I dont even get the static-like noise]
  11. AutoZen OSS problems

    Erm Hi again, I've installed the following program from the Mandriva CD out of curiosity. It's called Autozen and it's supposed to be a brain-wave altering thing. :mellow: The thing of it is, whenever I use it, the only thing coming out of my headphones is a static-like noise, not unlike when your tv has no signal. I installed an OSS emulator for ALSA, but it still doesn't work. Does it work on anyone else's Desktop?
  12. Mandriva 2006 - KDE Freezes

    Oh great. I read this too late. x_x My linux partition went under again. And the CD isnt installing. I'll try again and post if it happens again and I manage to fix it using scarecrow's method. I saw that file in Knoppix and wondered what it was for, but my internet was down for a bit today, and I didn't even know that was the problem. I even had ICEWM installed in case that would happen, but I forgot. Thanks for the help [EDIT: I got it re-installed, and it works fine now. I'll keep your tip in mind if it ever breaks again]
  13. Mandriva 2006 - KDE Freezes

    I tried that, but it didn't do anything. How would I go about replaying the journal?
  14. Mandriva 2006 - KDE Freezes

    I'm using ext3. And I finished installing Thunderbird already, before it messed up. I guess what I'm asking is: My KDE is corrupted, and it needs to be restored, but the disk checker lags at 32.8% should it do that? I noticed the hard drive light stops flashing when it gets to that point, so I thought it froze. [EDIT: My KDe desktop works, but the dock bar and the K menu don't, though this may be irrelevant.]
  15. Mandriva 2006 - KDE Freezes

    The other day I was trying to install Thunderbird, and the download froze, between the install initiation and the end of the download. The whole system crashed (I should stop running applications when I instal stuff). When I booted up again, I didn't do a disk check (because it freezes at 32.8%). Everything's fine, except the KDE dock bar and the K menu (and the fact that the disk checks take too long for my liking) (Is it supposed to freeze like that, or does that mean it's finding something wrong in the system?). Anything I can do to reinstall and/or upgrade KDE?