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  1. tries to look up the ipaddress of your hostname and fails?

    try adding your hostname kevins...com to /etc/hosts with the ipaddress


    there should be an entry in there already to show you the format.


    edit, an ip address should only be in there once, so append your hostname to the last entry, with a space as a separator: localhost darwin localhost.localdomain

    the names localhost, darwin and localhost.localdomain all map to my pc's loopback ip address of

  2. i only have obvious suggestions, have you turned your mixer volume down to about half and compensated by turning your speaker volume up? that gets rid of them for me.


    If your speakers are expensive, don't use them, those clicks and pops computers make are very damaging i'm told.

  3. i uploaded the files as pngs so you should be able to save them as pngs. Stupid board for thinking they're something else...


    i think any desktop in linux can manage using pngs, so that shouldn't be a problem.

  4. Hey,

    I'm looking for a single sign on system, akin to Active Directory from the windows world, which would be accessible from 3 different varieties of operating system (linux, OS X, Windows).


    I understand that its possible to run samba as a primary domain controller, and authenticate against an ldap server, so that removes the windows problem. How can i set up a system including this and the ability to log into a roaming profile from linux and OS X, in the way that windows will present a login box at boot.


    many thanks!


  5. you obviously played a lot once, thats a mean system you've got there!

    *sorry only just noticed your sig*



    download the tar

    extract to /usr/src/

    remove symlink /usr/src/linux

    recreate pointing at your kernel

    copy my .config into /usr/src/linux

    make menuconfig, then check to see how you like the configuration

    make && make modules_install to build it

    then you have to copy the kernel to /boot, and edit your bootloader


    attached is my config for kernel 2.6.5


    if you do choose to give it a go, good luck!


  6. i have an nforce 2 also, would you like to download say kernel 2.6.5 and use my kernel configuration?


    edit: BTW, i've never compiled my own kernel on mandrake, i don't know how much mandrake will like you for it!

    edit2: that means backup! :)

  7. woah...that is, like, the greatest thing ever! holy crap! That's like, easier than windoze installing! *stares at massive lines of nearly unprompted actions in terminal*...dude...that is the greatest thing ever! :P

    try gentoo B)

  8. as Ix says, logout, then in a console (ctrl-alt-f1) killall <displaymanager> killall X


    then locate fglrx

    modprobe fglrx

    gdm, or which ever environment you use


    Radeons are Evil , i have had to make a script that re makes the module and installs it at boot

    you can imagine what that does to my boot time.

  9. that sounds like a router problem, try turning off remote access to your router, and change the ports it runs on to say 60000. Come into the boards irc room and i'll try to help you from there also (link at the top of the page)

  10. you can use the 'hostname' command to set your hostname. man hostname.


    Those settings aren't gibberish, they are what enable you to connect to your own computer, although i have absolutely no clue what 'a martian' is, apart from a small green alien...

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