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    Alternative to Quicken

    thanks heather. i've installed gnucash and it imported my .qif files without a problem so i'm going to check it out and see how I like it.
  2. HJT

    Alternative to Quicken

    Thanks for the advice, I will try them all out.
  3. HJT

    Alternative to Quicken

    Printing checks isn't a concern since i do all my banking online but I'll check into it. Thanks.
  4. HJT

    Alternative to Quicken

    Thanks for the resonses, I see gnucash is included with Mandriva but I'm guessing KMyMoney is a commercial app. I'll have to do some googling on it.
  5. i'm trying to find some linux software that would be an alternative. Any suggestions?
  6. Congratulations, i'm working on getting rid of windows but still have one or two apps that I'm using.
  7. For some reason I can't vote in this poll but I use Thunderbird.
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