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  1. kurtjo, any idea what firmware version you have in your LG? And it is HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE- 8480B, right? Just asking to make sure if it's safe to install Mandrake on my machine, don't really have money for a new drive... Setras
  2. I don't think they're gonna realise it anytime soon... I'm guessing something like 11.0 before they figure it out :lol: BTW, My trusty PCMCIA network card isn't recognised by the... PCMCIA module (or whatever it is) until after adding card "D-Link DFE-670TXD Ethernet manfid 0x0149, 0x4530 bind "pcnet_cs" to /etc/pcmcia/config. Is there anyway to a) get Mandrake to add that there so I won't have to do it manually? I mean, does it have to come from D-Link or something for them to add it, or is the word of a single user "good enough"? B) get the installation program to recognise the card? Setras PS. It's weird how "long" (it's not THAT long since 8.2... Is it?) I've used Linux, and how much of a newbie I still am... :)
  3. Network getting started before PCMCIA isn't anything new, really. 9.0 does it, I'm pretty sure 9.1 does it, tough I never really used 9.1 since it during install or after it wouldn't recognice the filesystem in my /home partition (ext3), unless I reformatted it during the install, which kinda removed the point of having a separate /home. So I moved back to 9.0. And I think 8.2 (or whatever was before 9.0) does it too, though I can't really remember that far back, and I'm not gonna install it just to see :wink: Setras PS. Just my luck... I've been at home sick since friday with nothing to do, and no 9.2 final yet. With my luck, it'll come out first thing Monday Morning. :roll:
  4. The only problem is I don't have the disk space for that... well, I could do it in parts, but it's just so much easier to wait for 9.2...
  5. Well, I added CD2 and CD3 as software sources and picked everything I wanted to from the list all/by group list... then it wanted all the 3 CDs one by one and then started to install stuff... only, at that moment it decided I had no free space left on my hard drive. When I started picking stuff I had 1,7 Gb free. Does it copy every package to the hardrive before installing them? and even then, I only picked stuff worth of 998 Mb... Well, whatever the reason, I'm going back to 9.0, atleast I can get it installed with the packages I want...
  6. So, it seems the install didn't go without a glitch... It only installed stuff from CD 1. Now, while it "Detects for available packages" it first reads from the CD 1, then the screen flashes and then it "Detects for available packages" again, but nothing happens until it moves onwards to the package selection... Now How do I get the installation program to understand that I have all the 3 CDs and not just CD1?
  7. Well, the install went smoothly, and without an incident. That said, maybe this post should be under different topic... Anyway A few questions: Where's emacs? Or pico? There has to be some text-editor I can use in a terminal? What did I need CDs 2 and 3 for? In the installation, I picked English as the main language, but also installed language support for Finnish. Also, I didn't pick individual packages but selected all the other categories under "Client" (or whatever it was) except "Multimedia" and still it only installed stuff from the CD 1? Does the fact that I had Mandrake 9.0 installed before installing 9.1 and that I didn't format my /home partition cause the "MandrakeGalaxy" theme look different from all the screenshots? Or is it not activated by default? Or did it just get overridden by my "old" desktop settings?
  8. I don't know if it was necessary for him to replace the hardrive, nor do I know what exactly happened. What he said is that nothing would boot from the harddrive and replacing the bootmanager or repartioning and formatting and reinstalling wouldn't help... But since it seems fairly safe to assume that there won't be any hardware damage done, I think I'll give it a try...
  9. Hi! Just thought to ask before trying to install 9.1.... I heard from a friend that trying to install 9.1 had messed up his bootsector or something, resulting in virtual fat getting messed up and him having to replace his harddrive... Has this happened to anyone? I'm running a IBM Thinkpad 765D (P166, 64 Mb, 3 Gb) and while having to go back to 9.0 if 9.1 doesn't work isn't a problem I rather wouldn't end up having to buy a new HD...
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