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  1. Are you using Gnome or KDE? I am using KDE 4 on Mandriva 2009 and there is no my computer. Roly
  2. My problem is I tried to set up a dual boot with Mandriva 2008 and XP and it turned out that Mandriva did not have the drivers to properly handle a SATA drive.(My Bad) :unsure: I found a windows utility called "MbrFix.exe" but I have not used it before and am concerned about screwing his pc even more. Has anyone tried this? How did you use it and what where the results? He does not have the restore cd, it's a Dell PC. Linux Rulez! Roly
  3. I am thinking of trying it. Have not messed with the rc.d area much and will have to think about it. Thanks for the help; Roly
  4. Well I followed the link to the bug post and it is a recent update. Thanks to all that replied and with any luck it will get resolved. Thanks again; Roly
  5. I ran the command and did see the message exactly like you quoted. Roly
  6. I can start the haldeamon when in MCC but it makes no difference. All I have done is regular updates. As I mentioned other distro's are seeing it also. I would do a new install but am on a slow dial-up and the thought of all those updates :unsure:
  7. I have just started getting this notice whenever I try to access media such as cdrom or usb. The HALdeamon does not start on a re-boot but will start in MCC. I have googled the error and it looks like is happening with various distro's. I tried various suggestions but no joy. Linux localhost #1 SMP Mon May 5 20:55:05 EDT 2008 i686 Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 2.53GHz GNU/Linux Half a gig of ram and disk is not full. Madriva 2008 spring Roly There is a solution. Run the following commands and then re-boot. :) 1. Login as root 2. cd /etc/rc.d/rc5.d 3. for l in /etc/rc.d/rc5.d/S99*; do s=${l#*/S99}; chkconfig --del $s; chkconfig --add $s; done 4. chkconfig --add messenger 5. reboot I hope I have remembered everything properly. Good luck Roly
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