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  1. Maxell CDR 700MB, they burned fine in winblows.
  2. I talked to RMA support at Kingston, they are going to replace my ram. I am completely aware of all the boards having cap problems. Should have been more clear in my earlier post. I went to my local computer store and looked at one of the latest Gigabyte boards, it had the exact same capacitors that blew on my board. Same color, manufacturer and model number. Thats why I say no more Gigabyte for me.
  3. Arghh! Was the mainboard, cpu is fine however the mainboard took 1 stick of ram with it. I wonder if kingston will replace. Anyway no more gigabyte for me, they have not replaced the new boards with different capacitors.
  4. My ISP claims they do not block bittorrent. Must be something else. Here is their reply. "Suscom blocks an extensive ranges of ports for different allocations both udp and tcp, incoming and outgoing. What ports in particular are you concerned with? We do not block bittorrent, but if you are using your Sucom connection for filesharing, copyrighted or otherwise you run the risk of disconnection and potential legal action. Thank you. Suscom Technical Support"
  5. They burn slow and when played back sound horrible. Any ideas?
  6. Update: Got the new cpu, pulled the mainboard, put the new cpu in and I noticed my caps are blown! I looked earlier but did not notice them. They look pretty bad, I am just hoping it didn't damage the processor. The board is a Gigabyte GA7VRXP. I will not be purchasing another Gigabyte. Going for Abit, they have fixed their capicator problem. Will let you all know tonight if my cpu fried or not.
  7. Dakota

    Enemy Territory

    Please post your system specs. When it locks up does the sound loop? We need more information.
  8. HDD = using_dma = 1 (on) Asus CDRW = busstate = 1 (on) Firmware is up to date.
  9. Sorry I forgot to add that I am running Mandriva LE2005. In windows I could burn at 48x so in linux it should burn at 60x Figured there would be a fix.
  10. Are you all running glxgears Fullscreen or the window that pops up when you run the command?
  11. Dakota


    If you would like to update your Mandriva it would be easier to just click on menu>system>configuration>configure your computer>software management You can update Mandriva from here.
  12. FIXED! Sort of. I removed k3b cdrecord cdrtools (may not have this, but check anyway) cdrdao (for disc at once recording) cdparanoia (to prevent overburns, buffer overflows, etc.) mkisofs (iso burning software) then reinstalled the packages except retrieved cdrecord from update_source and now I can burn cd's. However my average writing speed is 10x and my burner is a 48x16x48 Any ideas?
  13. That must be it then. I have tried everything I know of to get bittorrent to run. Although they do allow me 5 Mbps down which is amazing for 45 dollars a month so I really can not complain. I just sent them an email asking for a list of blocked ports, data and services. This should be interesting...
  14. Not sure if that's helpful, but I'm just getting frustrated with the whole thing. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have this exact same problem with an ASUS 48x16x48, what did you do to fixit? When I urpmi -y libmad the only packages that are available are: alsaplayer-plugin-input-mad libmad0 libmad0-devel I need libmad0?
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