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  1. Thanks for the reply, but after doing an update via Mandrake Update its loaded fine. :unsure:
  2. I've just installed Free LE 2006, and chose to install Thunderbird with everything else, but in KDE if i click the icon it sits in the task bar for about 20 seconds with the timer moving, then it just disappears and nothing loads. I've also tried running a version downloaded from Mozilla's Website, but same problem. Any ideas?
  3. Ah thats excellent thanks...updating nicely now
  4. I've just done a fresh install on a new hard drive. After clicking on Mandrakelinux Update I chose a mirror which doesnt seem to have any updates (it says i've either installed them or there are none avaliable) Can someone tell me how to change the server to a different one, there doesnt appear to be an option in that app Thanks for any help
  5. Darren

    Updating KDE?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm not too fussed about making a mess of this installation at the moment as its only on an old 8gb hard drive, once my new drive arrives I'll put the permanent install on there.
  6. Darren

    Updating KDE?

    I've not been using Linux long so please forgive me if this is a stupid question or anything. I would like to update KDE to the latest version, but dont seem to be doing very well. I've searched here so far and found some RPMs, and another subjected that suggested a line of code to do with urpmi that downloaded the base, they all seem to have either installed or downloaded something, but I'm still on KDE 3.3 Is there an idiots guide I could possible follow or someone advise me where I am going wrong. Many thanks
  7. I have installed LE2005 on my PC which has an Intel Board, all is working fine at the moment, apart from the auto power down. When i shut down, the hard drive powers off, but the rest of the computer doesnt. Can someone tell me what file i need to edit and what bit i need to change...from what I've read it needs to be the bootloader, and edited using something like Emacs? Sorry if this is a little ignorant but i've never had to do this before!
  8. I've set all 3 DNS servers now that the ISP provides and its solved the problem (havent tried a reboot yet) Strange that only Mandrake has picked up that, prevously I've used various versions of Windows and Suse with that router and they've worked no probs
  9. That fixes the problem, but whenever I restart the computer it changes it back and the # is gone.
  10. Yep, Which is correct for my network/ISP Yep, shows as you've got it above Just tried Gaim...thats managed to connect, although slow because of problem above
  11. Hello, (Hope this was the correct place to post) I've just installed Mandriva LE 2005 and although my internet connection is working, after I type the URL of a site and then hit enter all the browsers wait for ages doing the lookup before finally loading the page. Once the lookup is done the connection works fine. and its only external pages that are slow as the Router login page loads instantly. Downloads are also slow to begin and Kopete cant seem to connect to MSN Messenger....Its not my ISP as it works ok in Windows. I am connected via a Wired LAN/Dlink DSL 504 although my settings are correct and the DNS servers are shown correctly in "Configure your computer" Anyone know what I've missed.....? Thanks for any help
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