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  1. MDK's ad info site has changed their statements no less than 3 times today. They originally said that all versions will have ads, so I don't know what to believe. It looks like they have change their mind once again, and it looks like the only way we will find out is when 9.2 is released.
  2. To RCXAU: Will the boxed version have it? According to mdk's ad info site, yes.
  3. Yep, Tyme, I agree with you :D I just hope mdk's ads are truly non-intrusive and not adware/spyware.
  4. I guess I'm lucky. I have used nvidia's installer more than once with no problems. When I upgrade my kernel and nvidia install didn't recognize it , it compiled it just fine. and, if it does recognize it you can't( I couldn't) do what Dolson's tutorial said, it didn't let me follow his tutorial. That said, if it hadn't been for Dolson's tutorials for past nvidia drivers I would have never gotten them to work :wink: But, now, the install works fine for me.
  5. To zeroOw I don't know how to encase your statement like you did mine :wink: , but here goes...first off McDonalds does not(or any business for that matter) advertise just for publicity....they advertise to make money :wink: I doubt that McDonalds would ever consider a one time advertisement, because one time advertisements do not work. It takes multiple ads to sell your product and in multiple time slots. And, yes, ads ARE to get people to buy something or they wouldn't be called ads :D and, yes you are right about publicity, but you do not get publicity with only one ad....no way, no how. So, I still wonder about the actual purpose of mdk's install ads...they do not make sense to me. and, yes, mdk has included ads for themselves and I understand that, even though they tend to be rather annoying, I mean after all you are installing mdk, do you need to be reminded of that time and time again? :wink: All I hope is the ads mdk will use will not be spy/ad ware that is deeply embedded in the system. I like mdk and I do want them to make money, but the reason I switched to mdk from M$ is to get away from what m$ was trying to impose on us, I just don't want to see mdk doing the same thing. The last thing I want to do is cause hard feelings towards you or anybody else, so please realize this is just my opinion and nothing more. I look forward to the new mdk release and will definitely try it out, but I do not like ads.
  6. MdK has changed their ad info site 3 times today and now it appears screen saver ads are out. They also say that the ads will be easy to removed. However, I don't see how you can remove the installation ad/ads. So, I guess it remains to be seen what mdk will actually do and what the ads will do. The installation ads are what bother me the most. Why would any business pay such a high price for a supposedly one time ad? (of course, I'll see it more than once cause it takes me a few times to get the install I want :wink: ). I hope the install ad/ads are not spy/ad ware that are deeply embedded in 9.2 and send info to the advertisers. I do think mdk was trying to pull a fast one and had to back off due to all the negative comments. As a result of this, I find it a little hard to believe them right now. Time will tell(duh!).
  7. Thanks Motts! and, Shen, too! I'm looking forward to 9.2 final. KDE 3.1.4 is kind of a head scratcher :wink: John
  8. "well, besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"....in other words, how is 9.2Rc2? I have seen almost nothing about the releases, which is very unusualy! Is 9.2 to be going to be good? What do you think about 9.2rc2? I respect you (Motts) and any input you can give would be greatly appreciated(I like to never found out how to spell that word :D ). Any way, how good does 9.2 look like it may be?
  9. P.S. I had the horizonal grays lines all the time, and that's what I would tell Dell. As I said, Dell knows the 256 card is bad. Good luck!
  10. I use the blank screen saver, too. I didn't think it was the monitor either, but since they offered to replace/upgrade it, I took it. I don't know whether Dell would admit the card had/has problems now or not. However, I'd sure give it a try. The worse that can happen is they won't do anything now, but my experience with Dell has been great, so who knows. And, I agree with you that they should replace it since they have in the past, and they know there is a problem with the 256 card. You may get lucky. (I hope so!)
  11. Cannonfodder: I too have a Dell that is just now 3yrs old and had similar video problems. I had the same video card and a P991 monitor. According to Dell, there are know problems/bugs with both. Dell replaced my 256 card with a geforce gts/gts pro and also replaced my P991 with a P992. This has been over 9 months ago and I have no more video problems. I suggest dumping the 256 card and getting at least the gts/gts pro. The monitor was replaced first and I still had the horizon gray lines. They went away with the 'upgraded' gts/gts pro card, so I suspect it was really the video card, but since I was still under warranty, Dell replaced both.
  12. I downloaded from this site. I dual boot with Windoze98 and MDK 9.0. I downloaded using w98 and IE 5.5 sp2. The first ISO checked failed, but the other 2 were OK. I successfully downloaded the first ISO from another ftp site from Mandrake's download list. Since you have downloaded all 3 Cd's Ok, and Anon has checked the ISO's, it appears I just had a bad download. I just wanted to point out I did have a problem and the importance of doing the checksums. By the way, I have a high speed cable connection. I appreciate your responce, and Anon's, too. Thank you both!
  13. Yeah, that's what I thought, and why I tried to download it again. I had no problem from the other ftp site. The main thing is I'm glad I got all of them :D. I do like Mandrake and am 'trying' to learn more about it every day. I just wanted to point this out in case others had problems downloading it, and to let it be known that the first ISO may have some problems. The main thing is to do the md5sum check after you download the ISO's. The other two ISO's checked ok. I will install them tomorrow and I can hardly wait.
  14. I have downloaded Mdk 9.1rc1 CD 1 twice from your site and both times the md5sum checks were bad. I had to download it from another site to get it right. Just thought you would like to know.
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