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  1. How do I look for an ip from Mandrake 10.1?

    Yes, I was talking about the subnet mask, sorry if I wasn't clear. Do both machines have a DHCP-assigned IP or a static one? Could you post the output from an 'ifconfig' (linux) and an 'ipconfig' (windows)?
  2. A friend of mine had a problem with his AMD in his Laptop. It wouldn't start the vmlinuz from the mandrake CD. It did boot the vmlinuz from Suse, so he's using that now on his laptop. He might be trying a newer version of Mandriva later on, at least, that's what he said at first, being a mandriva-user. But I think he's getting quite used to Suse now, but I'll try to get him back to our side... ;) But seriously, I think it could have something to do with the proc, but I'm only speculating. [edit] NVM, you've solved it already :P [/edit]
  3. Samba [solved]

    If you want to have multiple accounts with own files, I'd suggest you use FTP (FTPS preferably). FTP will be easier to communicate over the internet also.
  4. webDAV

    It might just be a problem at University of course. It worked over there when I was working on a Windows machine (damn thing only had windows, hurt my eyes, it did, I really hate that blue stuff in XP). Anyway, I've been noticing Konqueror isn't coping quite well there either, lots of file not found errors while logging in, and when I get in, I get file not found errors while changing dirs. DAV also says file not found, so it might just be a problem lying at the server, not at the client. Anyway, I'll see what it'll do in a while, I'm sure to let you know! In the mean time, any ideas are still welcome, as I'm not sure it's prob with the server. Greets!
  5. Internet problems

    What is IN that ifcfg file? You could type "kwrite <filename> &" without the quotes, and you could copy paste it to the forum more easily than with vi.
  6. How do I look for an ip from Mandrake 10.1?

    Also, make sure they use the same Mask.
  7. webDAV

    I looked into that one, I am supposed to have Coda for the kernel. modinfo gave me this: # modinfo coda filename: /lib/modules/ author: Peter J. Braam <braam@cs.cmu.edu> license: GPL vermagic: 686 gcc-3.4 depends:
  8. webDAV

    I guess so, when I went to the webDAV setup in Control Centre -> Mount Points -> webDAV, it started installing stuff which Mandriva found necessary. I suppose it was knowing what it was doing ;)
  9. webDAV

    I used that as well, didn't matter (the -t davfs switch). Using mount.davfs didn't make a difference either... :-(
  10. webDAV

    Okay, I've got the syntax: mount -o username=mjepson http://path.to.server.nl/users/mjepson /mnt/TUDelft But it returns: mount: No such file or directory Any ideas?
  11. webDAV

    Nope, I can't get it to accept my username. Tried: mount http://path.to.server.nl/users/mjepson:mjepson /mnt/TUDelft mount mjepson@http://path.to.server.nl/users/mjepson /mnt/TUDelft mount http://mjepson@path.to.server.nl/users/mjepson /mnt/TUDelft still no luck....
  12. webDAV

    Then it will ask me for my password. Which is always wrong, cause it's trying that password for user: (yep, that's empty) It doesn't ask me for a username, but I can't find out any help for mounting davfs in the manpages of mount... :sad:
  13. Internet problems

    You could also look in your Control centre under hardware, to see if your card is recognised . If not, it might give an indication to it's type and/or brand, if not, you'll have to consult your motherboard's manual to find that one out. If it is recognised, that is wonderful, if not, please try and post it's type and/or brand.
  14. webDAV

    The people at university have been as kind as to give me 200 Megs of space on a webDAV server. But the only problem is, I can't get it to mount properly. (Or at all, even). I set it up correctly using Mandriva Control Centre, and it seems to mount it OK (it gets past the authentication), but I can't see my files in '/mnt/TUDelft/'. I tried to give a mount command from the terminal as root as well as as myself, no luck. I don't know how to give the complete command though, so I just tell it to 'mount /mnt/TUDelft', but it says there is no such device. 'mount.davfs /mnt/TUDelft' says everything went fine, but I still can't see my files Does anybody have any experience with this?! BTW: I'm using Mandriva 10.1 at the moment.
  15. Which Linux OS is best?

    I have MDK 10.0 on my laptop. My specs: Intel PentiumIII 500 MHz 128M RAM 6 Gb HardDisk 2.5 Mb unknown videocard (but it works fine)