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  1. AFAIK the guest account is the one where the home dir gets deleted automatically after logout. It will be added in the Mandriva 2009 spring. It's in Ubuntu. But since your system is 2008 Spring I don't know it is related to your problem or just a coincidence.

  2. With the upcoming release of the Catalyst 9.3 driver (sometime in mid-March), ATI will officially stop supporting Radeon cards based on the R500 architecture and earlier with the monthly driver releases. Instead, those older GPUs will be supported on a quarterly driver release schedule. (Note: Catalyst 9.3 will support ALL Radeon GPUs - 9.4 and beyond will implement "legacy status" on the aforementioned cards.)


    For the rest of the article click here. The article contains the list of GPUs which will have the legacy support from Catalyst 9.4. More bad news is that the new legacy driver will not support the new X server 1.6.

  3. phpBB gets my vote. Everything Tyme said basically. It's also a very clean interface and, as has been mentioned, the search funtionality is superior.


    It's also free. No point in using anything else IMHO.

    PhpBB with clean interface? Where did you see that? Mandrivalinux.hu switched to phpBB 3 a couple of weeks ago and it was anything but clean. Icons, links, boxes everywhere. Cluttered or bloated that's more what I would say about it not clean.

  4. I don't theink there is an easy way to change the GRUB background, however you can change the boot background in the Mandriva control center in the Boot tab there is an icon which starts the app where you can change your boot theme. To use your background create a new theme.

    What do you mean by controls theme? Widgets (buttons, tabs, radio boxes etc) ? Look for GTK themes in the package manager. The same applies to screensavers.

    What's too small or too big in Firefox exactly? Font size? You can setup a minimum font size in Firefox on Edit\Settings (or Options, I don't use English here)\Content tab. Additionally you can change the font size quickly in FF by Ctrl+mousewheel just like in Opera. But you have to setup the page every time like that when you visit it agan.

    Hopefully someone else answers the rest of your questions because I don't use Compiz or Gnome.

  5. You just met the main problem (at least for me) of Mandriva 2009. It contains both KDE 3.5.10 and KDE 4.1.3. But instead of two full installs both are a mixture because when Mandriva 2009 was released KDE 4 wasn't in a usable state, a lot of KDE 4 apps wasn't working so they just used the KDE 3 versions of those apps. So there is no clean KDE 4.1 by default.

    On the other hand some KDE 4 apps are installed even when you chose KDE 3 as your desktop. This one though is the better choice IMHO.

    To use a clean KDE4 I would suggest to upgrade to KDE 4.2. Be aware that it's unsupported. But from what I read on the web it's still much better than KDE 4.1.

  6. Mandriva Linux 2009 Spring Alpha 2 is now available on public mirrors. You will find following isos :


    - 2 DVDs isos : 32 and 64 bits versions

    - 1 dual arch CD iso (available tomorrow).


    Warning: these are development isos, this should not be used in production. Do not use these isos to upgrade from 2009 version. Upgrade is not yet managed, you would break your system (especially for KDE 3 users). Also design and Mandriva theme is not integrated.


    You will find more information about features, errata here.

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