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In an ideal world, you won't need documentation. But as it is, you should know where to find it and how to find your way through it.

Page One: Overview of Linux Documentation [April 20, 02]

Page Two: Finding Documentation / Handling 'man' / Handling 'info' [April 20, 02]

Page Three: Searching Text Files With 'grep' / Documentation Browsers [April 20, 02]

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Files And Directories

Structure of The Linux File System

Lost in a maze of strange directories? These pages tell you which files to find in which directories.

Page One: General Characteristics / Reasons And Consequences / Current problems [Apr. 20, 02]

Page Two: The root Directory [Apr. 20, 02]

Page Three: The /etc Directory / The /home Directory / The /var Directory [Apr. 20, 02]

Page Four: The /usr Directory [Apr. 20, 02]

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Understanding Permissions

Permissions are file attributes. Learn why they are here, why they are good and how to handle them.

Page One: The Concept / Why Understanding Permissions Is Important [April 21, 02]

Page Two: Practical Examples / Changing Permissions / Popular Cock ups With Permissions [April 21, 02]

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Installing Software

From RPM

RPM is a software package allowing the easy installation, de-installation and management of software. These pages give you some tips how to handle it and its Mandrake offspring 'urpm' efficiently.

Page One: What Is RPM? / What RPM Does For You / What RPM Does Not Do For You [Mar. 14, 02]

Page Two: Preliminaries / Common Operations / Advanced Querying [Mar. 14, 02]

Page Three: urpm - RPM Mandrake Style / Configuring urpm / Using urpm [May 17, 02]

Page Four: RPM FAQ [Mar. 15, 02]

Page Five: 'rpmdrake' Troubleshooting (Contribution) [Mar. 15, 02]

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From source

Want bleeding edge? Compile yourself! These pages tell you how.

Page One: Compiling Basics / Unpacking Archives / Important Files to Read / Needed Packages [Apr. 21, 02]

Page Two: Running 'configure' / What's Missing? / Uninstalling / Applying Patches [Apr. 21, 02]

Page Three (FAQ): Missing Or Unusual Build Files / Build File Problems / Building Problems [Apr. 21, 02]

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Handling third party (Adobe, Netscape) installers.

Installing Non-RPM Programs [May 21, 02]

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Using The Shell

These pages introduce and explain basic shell commands and mechanisms.

Page One: The Ultimative Power Tool / Terminals, xterms And Shells [Feb. 28, 02]

Page Two: Auto-Completion / Commandline History /Commandline Editing / Available Shell Shortcuts [Feb. 28, 02]

Page Three: Command Queuing / Command Jobbing / Command Substitution [Feb. 28, 02]

Page Four: Filename Globbing / Output Redirection [Feb 28, 02]

Page Five: bash Configuration Files / The Prompt / Changing $PATH [May 17, 02]

Page Six: Command Aliases And Shell Functions / Where To Go From Here / Shell FAQ [Mar. 05, 02]

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