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One-page articles about troubleshooting.

Error Messages: Finding Error Messages / syslog.conf / Generating Error Logs / Making Sense of Error Messages [Oct. 02, 01]

Getting Answers: When to Ask for Help / Where to Ask for Help / How to Put the Right Question [Oct. 02, 01]

Principles of Successful Troubleshooting [Oct. 02, 01]

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Quick Hacks 8.2

Workarounds and quick fixes for Mandrake Linux 8.2 annoyances, glitches or 'doesn't-work-like-I-want-it-to's'.

Page One: Installing Windows Fonts Via DrakFont Fails | 'CheckInstall' RPM Broken | Getting Rid Of The Bootup Screen | Shift-Insert No Longer Works In Konsole (KDE3) | USB Input Device Failure During Installation [May 14, 02]

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Quick Hacks 8.1

Workarounds and quick fixes for Mandrake Linux 8.1 annoyances, glitches or 'doesn't-work-like-I-want-it-to's'.

Page One: Missing Wizards In Mandrake Control Center | No DrakFont Feedback Upon Installing Windows Fonts | Floppy / Zip Icon In KDE Not Working Correctly | devfsd | Enabling 'supermount' | CD Burning As A User [Dec. 18, 01]

Page Two: 'printerdrake' Locks System Hard | Poor Printing Quality In 8.1 | Configuring The Desktop Firewall | Booting From LiLo Intermittently Fails | Trouble Accessing Kodak Digital Cameras | Standard Kernel Source Doesn't Compile [Dec. 18, 01]

Page Three: Performance Gain With Enterprise Kernel | Problems with '/dev/cdrom' | 'Euro' Symbol Support In KDE Flaky | No Internet Connection On LAN Machines [Feb. 02, 02]

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Quick Hacks (Pre-8.0)

Workarounds and fixes (mostly) provided by Mandrake-Linux users and developers.

Page One: KDE displays duplicate icons after upgrade / 'fetchmail' and 'sendmail' don't work anymore after upgrade / Postgresql init script can't find appropriate data directory / Root can't run graphical apps on user desktop / General Protection Fault after shutdown [Nov. 30]

Page Two: No Xapps during online-sessions with kppp / Telnet doesn't work anymore after upgrade / Making Netscape 128bit secure / "metamail: can't open temporary file!" / Signal 11 Errors / Missing Pixmaps In KDE / "Invalid option `preferred-stack-boundary=2" [Dec. 12]

Page Three: Patching StarOffice / DHCP trouble in 6.1 / Dialup Woes With 'Linuxconf' / RAM Disk Error When Installing from HD [May 13]

Page Four: mod_php3 in ML 7.0 and 'high' security level / "No more processes at this runlevel" during boot / GNU/Linux doesn't detect more than 64 MB of RAM / Acrobat Reader Crashes (Segfault) / ISDN doesn't work [Nov 02]

Page Five: Installing XFree 4 / Second Windows Partition 'Disappears' After ML Installation / Proxy Problems With 'MandrakeUpdate' / 'Divide by Zero' Error During Installation / RPM 4 Packages [Nov 02]

Page Six: 'Error Mounting Ramdisk' / Swedish In KDE2 / Checking ISOs For Errors / Corrupt auto_install Floppy / Wrong Console Font / kisdn-free Only Works For root / Helix GNOME On ML 7.2 [Jan. 16]

Page Seven: Wallpaper On Login Screen / MandrakeUpdate And KDE 2.0.1 / Various Sound Problems In KDE 2.x / Problems Updating With The Official ML 7.2 Update CD [Jan. 04]

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Troubleshooting On MUO

All troubleshooting pages on MUO.

Boot Errors / Compiling Errors / Detecting And Hunting Down Rioting Processes / / Emergency Recovery / Hardware Configuration / Netscape 4.x Problems / Mount Errors / Permission Cockups / Principles of Successful Troubleshooting / RPM FAQ / 'rpmdrake' Troubleshooting / Support Resources / X Setup Troubles /

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