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GPG (GNU Privacy Guard)

GPG allows you to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify messages and files.

Page One: What Is GPG? / Why And When To Use GPG / How GPG Works / GPG Pitfalls [Sep. 27, 01]

Page Two: Installation / Testing And Configuration / Public Key Distribution / GPG And Mail Programs [Mar. 22, 02]

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In this article from MandrakeSecure, Vincent Danen introduces the Mandrake Linux security system, MSEC.

Page One: Introduction / What Does msec Do? / Configurable Variables [May 14, 2002]

Page Two: Customizing msec With Overrides / What Security Level To Choose? / Default Server Activation / Changing Your Security Level [May 14, 2002]

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One-page articles on various security related topics.

HTTPS And Webmin: What Is It? / Installation And Testing / Securing Webmin [Mar. 05, 02]

Securing A POP3 Server Using stunnel Contributed by Justin Keane. Introduction / Creating A Certificate / Configuring xinetd / Checking & Client Configuration [Sept. 21, 01]

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SSH provides encrypted and authenticated network connections.

Page One: What Is SSH? / How SSH Authentication Works / Installing And Testing OpenSSH [Oct. 09, 01]

Page Two: Generating Your Own Key pair / Distributing Your Key / Keeping Keys In System Memory [Oct. 09, 01]

Page Three: Configuring The Client / Configuring The Server [July 14, 00]

Page Four: Copying Files With 'scp' / Copying Files With 'sftp' / Copying Files using 'rsync' / Copying Files Via Tunneled FTP [Sep. 27, 01]

Page Five: Tunneling Basics / Tunneling POP / Tunneling X / Tunneling VNC / Tunneling Linuxconf / Tunneling Webmin [Sep. 27, 01]

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