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Configuring An FTP Server

This article shows you how to set up the ProFTPd FTP server.

Page One: When To Use FTP - And When Not / Installation / Basic Anon FTP Configuration / Testing / Troubleshooting [May 04, 02]

Page Two: Allowing Anonymous Uploads / Authenticated FTP / More Security [May 04, 02]

Printer friendly version of this article [May 04, 02]

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Dial-up Networking

Via DSL/Cable

DSL Via PPPoE (Contribution, old) [Jan. 03, 01]

Cable Modems (Contribution, old) [July 25, 00]


Page One: ISDN Terminal Adapters (TA) / Supported Cards / ISDN Basic Setup / Testing The Connection [July 21, 00]

Page Two: ISDN For Users / Dial On Demand / Troubleshooting / An ISDN-Dialer [June 21, 01]

Via Modem

Page One: Preparations / Setting Up The Connection Files [July 31, 01]

Page Two: Testing Your Configuration / Running pppd As A User / Running Programs After Connect/Disconnect / Making pppd Connect Automatically [Feb. 27, 02]

Page Three (Troubleshooting): Generating Error-Logs / Modem doesn't react at all / Modem does react, but doesn't dial / Modem dials every second time only / Modem does react and dial, but it drops the connection immediately / Modem does react, dials but drops connection after 20 seconds / Connection establishes, holds, but you can't get anywhere [July 31, 01]

Page Four (Dial-up LAN): Connecting A LAN Via Dial-up / Getting the Software / Dialer Setup / DNS Cache Setup. Contributed by Kevin McCormick [June 07, 02]

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Local File Sharing

Establishing A Local TCP/IP Network

TCP/IP is the foundation of all local network services.

Page One (Theory): Hardware / Protocol / Addresses I: Numbers / Addresses II: Names / Routing [May 23, 02]

Page Two (Practice): Writing A hosts File / MS Windows / Linux / Mac OS X / Conclusion [May 23, 02]

Printer friendly version of this article [May 23, 02]

Via AppleTalk / Netatalk

AppleTalk is a network file and printer sharing protocol for Macintosh computers (pre Mac OS X).

Netatalk [May 14, 02]


IPX is a network protocol used by the Netware operating system.

IPX with Linux-Mandrake (Contribution,old) [Dec. 12, 99]


NFS is an easy way to share files between machines running Unix across a trusted network. Here's how to set it up.

Page One: Setting Up The Server / Testing Your Setup [Oct 31, 01]

Page Two: Customizing And Securing NFS / NFS Pitfalls [June 23, 01]


SAMBA is a client-server suite which allows you to use Linux as a file and print server in a Windows network or to mount remote Windows shares on a Linux machine.

Page One (Client): Introduction and Preparations / Accessing Directories On MS Windows Systems [June 05, 02]

Page Two (Server): Preparations / share' Or 'user' Level Security / Configuring A 'share level' Samba Server / Configuring A 'user level' Samba Server [June 05, 02]

Page Three: Some Samba Options / Right-Click Sharing Directories / Non-Windows Samba Clients / Resources [June 05, 02]

Printer friendly version of this article [June 05, 02]

Page Four: Joining A Windows Domain / Authenticating Other Services / Using Winbind To Authenticate Other Services (Contributed by Buchan Milne) [Oct. 15, 01]

Page Five: Running A Linux Primary Domain Controller / Joining Windows Machines To The Domain / Making Your Life Easier / Going Enterprise! (Contributed by Buchan Milne) [Dec. 17, 01]

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Mail The Unix Way

How to install a fully automatized mail-system on your Linux box.

Page One: Scope And Requirements / Why A Dedicated Mail-System? / Mail Programs / Technical Terms [June 18, 01]

Page Two (Postfix): Postfix and Sendmail / Configuring Postfix / Checking The Hostname / Configuring Your Mail Program / Scenario 1: Delivering mail via an external mail server / Scenario 2: Delivering mail by yourself / Scenario 3: Pretend to have a full-blown SMTP server [Mar. 25, 02]

Page Three (Fetchmail): Fetchmailconf / Automating Fetchmail / Fetchmail and SMTP-After-POP Authentication / Fetchmail Via SSL/SSH [Mar. 25, 02]

Page Four (Procmail): Basics / Setting Basic Variables / Writing Recipes / The Sky Is The Limit [Jan. 03, 01]

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A collection of smaller networking tips and tricks.

Netips I: Stopping CUPS From Broadcasting / Mandrake Linux As A Terminal Server / ipchains Instead Of iptables / Flash For Konqueror [Jan. 21, 02]

Netips II: Mounting A Remote Share Via FTP / Accessing WebDAV Shares [Mar. 08, 02]

Netips III: Installing php-cgiwrap [June 05, 02]

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One-page articles about various networking topics.

FAX Basics (Contribution) [Nov. 02, 00]

MRTG Setup On ML 7.2 (Contribution) [Dec. 11, 00]

NIS (Contribution) [Oct. 27, 00]

xinetd [Aug. 09, 01]

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