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Booting GNU/Linux

Everything you need to know about boot loaders.

Page One (LiLo): LiLo Configuration / Booting Other Kernels, Distributions, Operating Systems Via LiLo [Sept. 19, 01]

Page Two (GRUB): Advantages Of Using GRUB / Installing GRUB / GRUB Configuration / Booting Other Kernels, Distributions, Operating Systems Via GRUB [May 14, 02]

Page Three: Using Other Boot loaders / 'loadlin' - Booting GNU/Linux From MS-DOS / Removing LiLo, GNU GRUB and GNU/Linux [June 17, 02]

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Kernel Upgrade

These days compiling and installing a new kernel is seldom necessary. If you want to do it anyway, here's the plan.

Page One: Do You Need A New Kernel? / Kernel RPMs / Important Kernel Source Files [Sep. 18, 01]

Page Two (RPM): Installation / Checking System Configuration / Checking LiLo Boot loader Configuration / Checking GRUB Boot loader Configuration / Rebuilding & Customizing the Mandrake Kernel SRPM [May 14, 02]

Page Three (Source): Kernel Configuration / Kernel Compilation And Installation / System Configuration / Configuring LiLo / Configuring GRUB [Oct. 15, 01]

Page Four (Troubleshooting): LiLo Errors / Module loading errors [Sep. 18, 01]

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One-page articles about various installation issues.

Partitioning: Considerations / Repartitioning / Which File system To Choose / Partition Schemes / Resizing Windows Partitions Using 'Fips 2.0' [Sep. 20, 01]

Distribution Update: Do I Need An Update? / Getting The Update / Ways To Perform An Installation Or Update / Update Or Fresh Installation? / How To Update By Installing Anew [Oct. 09, 01]

Disk Druid (with screen shots, ca 30KB) [Sep. 20, 01]

Installing from a DOS/Windows partition(Contribution) [Nov. 12, 00]

Multi booting Win98SE, Win2k and MandrakeContributed by Scott Hanak. [Feb. 01, 02]

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