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Thunderbird won't play sound


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Thunderbird is version on Mandriva 2010 - free 64 bit version. New install, this is not an upgrade.


I have gone to Edit --> Preferences --> General tab, and checked Play a sound. I selected a sound file that played in older versions of TB. For the record,


file mail2new.wav

mail2new.wav: RIFF (little-endian) data, WAVE audio, Microsoft PCM, 16 bit, mono 22050 Hz


I am not using Pulse Audio, it is deactivated.


The file plays if I use 'play mail2new.wav' at the command line. I know TB is fussy about file encoding. Does anyone know what encoding I have to have to make the file work?


I did find some references to converting the file with 'sox' but I can not get sox to work. I just dumps out help. I also had a look into Audacity, it will save files in different formats, but which one will work?

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some sort of sound server running


Hmmm, I was afraid that might be the case. I don't have Pulse Audio running, because for reasons I can not explain, it kills the three laptops in the house that connect through the wireless connection. That might sound bizarre, to me too at first. With PA running, I have a XP system, a Vista system, and a PCLinuxOS system, constantly drop out, and loose their wireless connection with PA running on my system. That was failing on 2009.1 Live and now on 2010 Free 64bit.


I have not tried to figure out why, I just deactivated PA in MCC, and the wireless systems work without issue. My box is hard wired.


I have XFCE and KDE both installed, not Gnome. Is there any other sound server solution I can try besides PA?

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