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Best Reliable Long-term Data Storage Media

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Since many of my less computer literate friends just store their digital camera pics and camcorder recordings on their desktop or laptop hard disk (with no backup!), I though it could be useful writing an article on how to store these files safely for the long term, otherwise I fear there will be a whole generation of kids that don't have childhood pics since their parents lost all the photos when the hard disk died... :sad:


How do you store your photos and personal files?


Anyone keeps at least 2 or even 3 backups in diverse locations?


Here's the article:

Best Reliable Long-term Data Storage Media

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I've been unlucky enough to loose a few drives. Once I lost the mbr and couldn't boot. I used a live dvd to get the data off that drive. I had a drive fail in my XBOX-Based on pc components, and I've had sectors go bad in another.


I should also state that I don't erase pictures off the memory card in my camera. When it's full I just replace it. A current memory card holds over 1000 pictures, but costs the same as a roll of conventional film, so I think it's money well spent to simply use a new card.


So when I set out to build my current desktop in 2008 data security was on top of my priorities. I had been using an external usb drive to do regular backups, and burn critical files to a dvd that is stored at another location in case my desktop and usb drive are completely destroyed.


Now I have one drive that I use for my OS, and another two in a mirrored raid array purely for data. I still do regular backups to an external drive, and do the occasional DVD backup and store at another location.


Loosing any of my financial/study data would be horrific, but loosing pictures etc. is simply not an option.

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