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Why I'm disappointed with Mandriva 2010.0


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I only have had one problem with Mandriva 2010 and that is with the gvfs-fuse package. Why the hell this stops you reading your /home/username directory and hangs on the .gvfs file is beyond me. I removed the package as per the errata and now it's working fine as it should be.

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If you have the ISO, then yes you can mount it on loop and then set up the repo so no need to copy it to your disk extracted from the ISO.


Thanks Ian, I forgot to ask if I mount as above, is the iso mounted so that it can't be written to? I am unlikely to try to write to it, but who knows what other users may try :o

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I checked from an ISO I have mounted under CentOS, and it was mounted rw - so read/write. But you can mount it read-only if you want to prevent accidents:


mount -o loop,ro filename.iso /mnt/iso


where filename.iso is the Mandy iso and /mnt/iso is where you decided to mount it. Typing:




after mounting it, will show how it is mounted.

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