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A number of packages seem to be missing and unavailable for installation on my 2009.1 PC, for instance emacs-auctex and evolution-exchange connector. I can see a large list of sources in MCC, but only some of them have the tick against them:


CD Rom "Mandriva-Linux -2009 Spring (Free) - main"

CD Rom "Mandriva-Linux -2009 Spring (Free) - contrib"

Mirror List Main (Official2009.1-1)

Mirror List Main updates (Official2009.1-2)

Mirror List Contrib (Official2009.1-9)

Mirror List Contrib Updates (Official2009.1-10)

Mirror List Non-Free (Official2009.1-17)

Mirror List Non-Free Updates (Official2009.1-17)


Other sources do not have tick (backports, testing, debug), and they don't seem to be mainstream...


What sources should I add to add to be able to get all the packages I need?


Edit: Found them... It turns out I should have searched through all packages (who would have thought?). Nonetheless, do I miss any sources I should have added?

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Backports can be useful if you want to benefit from newer versions of software (but don't select it as update repo, unless you want get them all automatically as updates).

Also PLF to get all the real goodies :D


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