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Compaq Install


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ok, wifes new laptop (well 6 months but just getting to it)


Its a compaq dual core 2.3GHZ intel MB/SOUND with built in NVIDIA 6800 display adapter.


I loaded 2009 when she 1st got it. but never got the chance to really tighten it down, so when I went in the other night to change the grub settings imagine my surprise when it took 10 minutes to get a desktop and THEN things REALLY started slowing down!


So I figured I would try 2009.1 so I loaded the FREE DVD , having just burned it, and rebooted and started a fresh install.


Everything goes fine until the very last screen when you are preented with all the options and asked to agree or congigure the zones, hardware.nic forewall etc.


Well I knew that since it was a wide screen laptop a slightly offset resolution might be in orders, so I went into MCC to change it to 1024x600 and things got REAL weird.


I reset the driver (NVIDIA 6000 and up) and hit TEST and got "could not load module FREETYPE" try again, so I tried again, and tried changing things ever so slightly, each time, getting more and more generic each time, always with the same result.


so i booted xp (its a dual boot device) logged into the forums and found someone saying to use the boot command SPEEDBOOT=no


that worked well, and things started to hum after that, but still with pretty generic settings.


is there an NVIDIA driver I need to get?


anyone have any ither ideas?





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