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Time lapse with Webcam?

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This hopefully shouldn't take too long to clear up :)


I've got a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3500 attached to my box, pointing out of the nearest window.

I'd ideally like to persuade it to capture a still image every X seconds, and save to a sequentially numbered file, so that after 24hrs or when I get bored, I can use ImageMagick to turn them into a time lapse video.


I currently have Cheese and xawtv installed (which can both 'see' the camera, unlike Camorama and camstream, which can't), if that's any help...

Oh, and the camera will need to be 'turned on' 5-10 seconds before the snapshot is taken (or remain permanently on but not logging) as it takes several seconds to 'warm up'...


(Doing the 'traditional' webcam thing I'll worry about later - as I'm on Be*'s 'value' broadband package [dynamic, but rarely changing IP address - only changed once in the 18 months I've been signed up!] I've got to ask in their forums if I can access my PC remotely and if so, if I can do so via http)

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