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Linux TrueCrypt problems with NTFS vol over 3.8GB?

Guest Gagliem

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Guest Gagliem

Hi All!

I wrote this elsewhere, I hope here someone would answer me....


Hi had to write some data in a TrueCrypt volume of a friend of mine, it was NTFS created with TrueCrypt x Windows.


TrueCrypt mounted it correctly on Linux (MDV2009.1), but only in read mode... so I checked my config and all seemed ok (no privileges problems, etc. etc.), then I tried with one of my NTFS TC volumes and all worked perfectly in r\w, the only difference was that my volume was 2GB, my friend's volume was 12GB.


So I did some tests with NTFS TC volumes (normal containers, no hidden volumes) and I noticed that all works perfectly on Linux TC, but only if the volume is almost under 3.8GB, if I create a 3.9GB TC volume NTFS it will be mounted only in read mode (I also tried with root privileges, but I doesn't seem to work).


Did I missed something or there's a problem with TrueCrypt under Linux?


Can someone answer me about that???


Thanks in advance




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