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What is the best news reader?


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So... what is the best news reader out there for linux


in particular, I am looking for a good, stable news reader that can do two things in particular - yEnc decoding and post combining.


I need the news reader to be able to decode yenc encoded images and news threads as well as be able to combine images/binaries that have been split over several posts.

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I just tried getbinnews...


Just want to say that whoever wrote it is a skillled programmer who is totally lost on how to design a functional GUI. What a mess to work with!


I know, but unfortunately, it's the only binary extractor that I know of that doesn't use mucho hard disk space (which pan does, I mean come on.. 36 megs just for keeping up what articles are read or not?). What I want is a port of XNews to linux.. now that is a really good all in one newsreader and binary extractor.


There is another reader/extractor I know of, which is named BNR from http://bnr.newzbin.com but I haven't tried it yet since it requires qt2 libraries.. I am afraid what will happen if qt2 libraries are mixed with qt3 libraries in mandrake 9.0

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maybe, it is a bit old, but rn and mutt are very good

programs for that case, they will work, I think....


Pritty good to bind in the VI for answers.



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