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Additional images for GDadou


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I'm using the default IaOra screensaver (xscreensaver's GDadou - calling chbg), and like the 'reflection' effect on the 8 landscapes it uses. However, the reflection effect is 'built in' to the images rather than being done dynamically by the screensaver, so to maintain consistency, plopping any old images into /usr/share/mdk/screensaver won't look as good.


So, I'd like to know either

a) if there are additional images pre-created I can add with this effect built-in, or

B) if I grabbed some 1200x400ish landscape pictures, would it be possible to do something similar using graphics tools (ImageMagick springs to mind, as I could save the relevant command sequence to file, then run the script for each image I wanted to process, rather than doing it manually in a more conventional package like GIMP)? Essentially, the process would be: Copy image, flip copy, apply fade effect to copy, increase vertical aspect of canvas, paste below original image, save.


OK, if I had hours upon end of spare time, I could probably figure out the relevant IM options myself, but I'd rather not go through all that trial-and-error if someone here knows the package inside-out - or knows of the location of a library of suitable images :)

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Can help you directly, but maybe if you email the person who made the package with those fading pictures (s)he will tell you how it has been done?


For example:


rpm -qf /usr/share/mdk/screensaver/flower-08.png (tells you the name of the package)




rpm -qi mandriva-theme-Free-screensaver-1.2.27-1mdv2008.1
Name		: mandriva-theme-Free-screensaver  Relocations: /usr
Version	 : 1.2.27							Vendor: Mandriva
Release	 : 1mdv2008.1					Build Date: Tue 25 Mar 2008 15:36:03 CET
Install Date: Fri 16 May 2008 23:01:43 CEST	  Build Host: seggie.mandriva.com
Group	   : Graphics					  Source RPM: mandriva-theme-1.2.27-1mdv2008.1.src.rpm
Size		: 10191041						 License: GPL
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Thu 03 Apr 2008 21:52:24 CEST, Key ID e7898ae070771ff3
Packager	: Frederic Crozat <fcrozatxxxx@mandriva.com>
Summary	 : Mandriva Free screensaver
Description :
This package contains the screensaver associated with the
Mandriva Free theme.


This gives you the email address of the package mantainer (I have modified it in this example to protect it from spammers harvesting it).


Do the same thing for yourself in case the email address/mantainer has changed in the version of Mandriva you are using.


IF you find out let us know too!

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