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L999 999 99 99 99 when loading the boot manager??


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Hi, i have 2 fisically separated hard drives, in the first one (primary master) i ve got windoze 98 se and on the other (secondary master) i ve got mandrake 9.1 the thing is that when i reboot the pc when it loads the lilo it won´t load nor windows or linux, and began to fill the screen with 99 99 99 99 99 99....

what did i do wrong?? then if i do an fdisk /mbr on the windows hd i can at least boot windows but i cant use the linux hd. any clue???




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it sounds like LILO isn't loading at all. have you tried reinstalling lilo using the mdk install cd?


(boot with the cd, at the prompt: RESCUE and then when the menu comes up, you can restore the bootloader.)


it may also be an issue if you recently added a new partition, maybe lilo is looking for operating systems in the wrong partition? (ie, mdk used to be hda5, but after adding a new partition it is hdb1, so you'll need to edit lilo.conf by hand). if you post a bit more info about what modifications you've done lately, i'm sure lots of ppl can chime in with helpful info.

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Please list your hardrive configuration and your lilo configuration (including which partition you installed it on).


I'm guessing that what you want is to have lilo on the windows disk master boot record and tell lilo that windows is on hda1 and linux is on hdb1. I'm guessing here since I don't know the specifics of your partition arrangement.



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I've seen then quite a few times.. Make sure your HD's are jumpred correctly. One set to Master and the other as Slave. This will have when you have to devices on the same ide channel/cable and the jumpers are set to cable select. This is a popular setting with many prebuilt pc's like dell,hp and such. If both are jumped correctly then it has to be the the boot loader install.

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If it makes you feel better, I think we've all had that problem. Check your lilo.conf file carefully, one wrong letter can cause this problem... otherwise, the suggestion of checking your jumpers sounds most likely as your lilo.conf was probably generated, unless you wrote it yourself :twisted:

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I am a grub dinosaur and so I am only going on the lilo pdf manual that says some BIOS have trouble if you have configured lilo with COMPACT or not used LBA32.


Grub knows about lba32 but I guess you have to be explicit with lilo. I will add some comments to my tips tricks on lilo grub

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Output of


info lilo (also in man lilo)


      The boot process takes place in two stages.  The first stage loader  is

      a single sector, and is loaded by the BIOS or by the loader in the MBR.

      It loads the multi-sector second stage loader, but is very  space  lim-

      ited.   When  the  first stage loader gets control, it types the letter

      "L"; when it is ready to transfer control to the second stage loader it

      types  the letter "I".  If any error occurs, like a disk read error, it

      will put out a hexadecimil error code, and  then  it  will  re-try  the

      operation.   All hex error codes are BIOS return values, except for the

      lilo-generated 40, 99 and 9A.  A partial list of error codes follows:


             00  no error

             01  invalid disk command

             0A  bad sector flag

             0B  bad track flag

             20  controller failure

             40  seek failure (BIOS)

             40  cylinder>1023 (LILO)

             99  invalid second stage index sector (LILO)

             9A  no second stage loader signature (LILO)

             AA  drive not ready

             FF  sense operation failed


      Error code 40 is generated by the BIOS, or by LILO during  the  conver-

      sion  of a linear (24-bit) disk address to a geometric (C:H:S) address.

      On older systems which do not support lba32 (32-bit)  addressing,  this

      error  may  also  be  generated.  Errors 99 and 9A usually mean the map

      file (-m or map=) is not readable, likely because LILO was  not  re-run

      after some system change, or there is a geometry mis-match between what

      LILO used (lilo -v3 to display) and what is actually being used by  the

      BIOS (one of the lilo diagnostic disks, available in the source distri-

      bution, may be needed to diagnose this problem).


      When the second stage loader has received control from the first stage,

      it prints the letter "L", and when it has initialized itself, including

      verifying the "Descriptor Table" - the list of kernels/others to boot -

      it  will  print the letter "O", to form the full word "LILO", in upper-


Boot first CD>F1>rescue>Install linux bootloader.

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BVC I have just stolen your output and stuck it in my tips section, heh heh.


um, the comment I make about /sbin/lilo -v -v -v alludes to the -v3 in your output and is stolen from some post I read , sorry can't remember which one. But I will ramble on, that bios is still an issue for lba or compact.


hope that helps the author.

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