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Totally K0'd My Bios

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Thank you all for your help and advice. Erm I thik I'l just wait and see what happens next.


At the moment I have the same problem that I had to start with, I can't upgrade java to the jre-6u14-linux-i586-rpm.bin.



I only want to do this so that I can hear sounds on my java based online game. Sound is good on everything else. I just downloaded a load of plugins in the hope that one of those will kick in and do it.


I tried through the Konsole before and it was saying it was successful but when I verified on the java webpage it said I had the previous version. I just don't feel like messing around any more but I'd really like the sound on the game.


I don't think the driver for the sound card is properly installed either so I have some more learning to do.


Thanks again, I think I'v solved the boot problem now

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You should try removing the memory sticks entirely and clean the contacts with a clean cotton cloth (do not use synthetic fabrics and do not touch the contacts with your fingers) wet with a little white spirit (pure alcohol or methylated spirits) and re inset them two or three times.

The contacts are very narrow and can lose connection just from vibration if not fully inserted the first time. Do NOT force the sticks in but be sure they are fully inserted and secure. This is possibly more likely than faulty memory, then do the memory test as suggested by the previous posters if my suggestion makes no difference.


Cheers. John.

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