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  1. Thought I'd tell you, I managed to get sound by pillaging my old computer for the sound card (sb live!) so now I can kill dragons on my game again "0.0"
  2. I tried this [root@localhost plugins]# in -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_14/plugin/i386/n7_gcc29/libjavaplugin_jni.so bash: syntax error near unexpected token `in' [root@localhost plugins]# ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_14/plugin/i386/n7_gcc29/libjavaplugin_jni.so probably got the wrong lib file also as I was guessing
  3. What I mean is that ns7 obviously means netscape, but I dont know what gcc2.9 is or whether mandriva has used that to compile mozilla the page that offers the guide I am using is at this address : http://www.java.com/en/download/help/5000010500.xml#rpm and I am at the bottom of the page under "Enable and Configure" subheading "Firefox"
  4. hiya, I'v had a few problems this weekend but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. Please help me with this Im sure you people who understand mandriva will know the answer. I'v successfully installed the java update using the Konsole and now just have to create an association between the java update and mozilla firefox. The file in the Java help page is out of date so what I need to know is what is Mozilla firefox 3.08 compiled with ? The code on the java page is : ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0/plugin/i386/ns7 /libjavaplugin_oji.so but Im sure its not ns7 Iv worked out that it should be i586 and not i386 as the java is jre-6u14-linux-i586.rpm The java page says"In the command line above, use ns7-gcc29 if Firefox was compiled with gcc2.9." but I don't know what the automatic software update programme in mandriva spring2008 uses or what its shortened name is for the code. Please will you help with this? [moved from Software by spinynorman]
  5. ty for that. I haven't had th old memory stick out but I ALWAYS lick my fingers after eating jam and toast lol seriously I really think it was just a glitch
  6. Thank you all for your help and advice. Erm I thik I'l just wait and see what happens next. At the moment I have the same problem that I had to start with, I can't upgrade java to the jre-6u14-linux-i586-rpm.bin. I only want to do this so that I can hear sounds on my java based online game. Sound is good on everything else. I just downloaded a load of plugins in the hope that one of those will kick in and do it. I tried through the Konsole before and it was saying it was successful but when I verified on the java webpage it said I had the previous version. I just don't feel like messing around any more but I'd really like the sound on the game. I don't think the driver for the sound card is properly installed either so I have some more learning to do. Thanks again, I think I'v solved the boot problem now
  7. I'm sorry for my lack of expertise but could you tell me how to check the status of the battery please?
  8. Well I finally acepted that my BIOS couldn't have been wiped so began to look at other possibilities. I put in the win98se hard drive I'd made and attempted to go into setup at the boot. I left it runing and went away as setup wasn't loading. After 35 minutes(!!) it decided to open setup and I changed the boot sequence to boot from HD. It wasn't booting so I left it again and then after another 15 minutes windows tried to load. It said there wasn't enough memory to load windows, so I went through the startup again which took another 35 minutes and in setup I reset to defaults. I got the same message about memory. I then borrowed a stick of extra ram from another computer and tried again. This time it went straight into setup. I halted the computer and put the mandriva HD back in and reset it to boot from the Live CD. It was angelic and did just what I asked it and so I formatted the HD and reinstalled Mandriva. Then I took out the extra stick of RAM and restarted and its fine. Very strange.......... but Im happy now so tank you for lending me your brains Must have been somethng left in the RAM? Is that star wars again!? lol i dont know but obviously the motherboard has developed autonomy haha Oh and it's an Asus P5N-MX motherboard, dual core intel processor, plenty of ram, sata hard drive.
  9. i used the partition programme to move files across and it gave me 2 options, either move or hide. What I didnt realise was that Id wiped the residual memory of the motherboard. I was stunned that it could do this. The computer starts to boot but wont load any of the bios not even setup, it only displays the post bios message if im quick to press tab, and the keyboard only works for a few seconds, just long enough to select setup or bios Also Iv tried using the live cd, it was already set to boot it first, tried making a boot win98se disk an that didnt work, tried making a hard drive with 98se on it on another computer to boot from an that didnt work either. tried both linux hard drives and i have no floppy drive.
  10. H Im new to the forum and also only been using Linux for a few months. I thought I'd post for the sake of other newbies using the disk partition tool in Mandriva. I installed mandriva as I had bought the Mandriva Live Cd before I bought my computer which came with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed, and then Ubuntu decided to change the keyboard language to arabic when I installed the automatic upgrade last week. I quite liked Mandriva except that I found the installation of the new java upgrade to 6.14 almost impossible within the konsole. (I don't understand why nobody has written a wizard or made it easier to install an automatic upgrade for java as its so basic to online games.) I decided to retrieve data from the old hard drive which still had Ubuntu on it although of course it was inaccessible at least it would be until I could find a way to change keyboard settings on a system that I couldn't access without a password...... I started the partition thing in the configure hardware section and successfully retrieved all my photos and other stuff. Having gained some confidence I decided to change back to the other large hard drive and install mandriva as my permanent OS, so this I did , also with no hiccups, but now there was a problem with the sond on my online game although sound was fine on everything else, and I had stuff on the 2nd smaller drive that I wanted on this larger one, so I ran the partition program again to try to transfer files. This time it semed to think the disk was already mounted and the options I got were to either move files or keep them hidden. I decided to move them and it began to format the partition. I knew straightaway I'd made a fundamental error but wasn't sure how bad. Of course you people who read manuals will know that I'd erased the BIOS of my computer. I now have to buy a new chip because theres no way Im going to attempt to programme the existing one, even with the tools putting in the new one which comes fully operational is going to be a physical nightmare. I wonder why for the sake of people who aren't born complete with knowledge of how to use Mandriva tools there isn't a warning like "You are about to lose your computer please stop".
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