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network in KVM

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This is my situation:


MDV 2009, IP adres on eth0 for my private network.

I configured a second eth0:0 for my professional network.


I installed KVM, WinXP as guest. Everything is working fine, but I cannot configure the virtual machine so that is member of my private network. With VMware, there is no problem as I indicate it is a bridged network. I found several instructions on the web, but none of them is working. Is there someone out there, who can help me?

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You'll probably need to create a bridge interface so install a package called bridge-utils. Once this is installed you can do:


brctl addbr br0


it should be better to create a virtual interface to then also add to the bridge, and then you use the virtual interface for the virtual machine. You should have vif0 for this, so:


brctl addif br0 eth0 vif0


then, eth0 will provide your networking for the private network, as vif0 is a member of br0, it should pass everything through the eth0 interface and the vif0 interface is used when configuring the virtual machine. Give an IP in the same range as the eth0 card, or use DHCP, and you're done. Or should be :)

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I guess I can follow your suggestions theoretically. But, as I'm by no means a network guru, can you help me practically?


When I do as you suggest, it says "there's no vif0" even when I create a configuration file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts.

Also: what parameters do I have to use (supposing I get the bridge working) when I start KVM?

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